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WONDER WOMAN: Hollie Piper

HOLLIE PIPER Zealous Swimwear 

Every once in a while we are inspired by a kick-ass female with business super powers who is strong and successful. She is fearless, confident and doesn't take no for an answer. Hollie Piper, founder of Zealous Swimwear is one super Girl Boss and our newest Wonder Woman

In this exclusive interview with Eco Glamazine, business babe Hollie Piper shares her passion for Zealous Swimwear and her secret to staying motivated in business.  

Hollie Piper is a born and bred Queenslander, wife and mother of two. She is super creative and began her working career at the age of 18 as an Internationally commissioned Illustrator. Growing up the sunshine state Hollie loved water sports and took full advantage of the swimming culture and Queensland lifestyle. 

Hollie combined her skills in pencil illustration, digital graphics and conceptual art with her love of sports and swimming to create Zealous Swimwear; a brand that truly reflects her beliefs and creative style. 

Zealous Swimwear was established in 2012 with the dream to inspire young athletes to be the best they can be. Passion, drive and the will to succeed is that Zealous is all about. 

This unique Aussie brand was developed with a team (lead by Hollie) of Australian elite athletes, designers, textile specialist and machinists. Zealous aims to provide a garment that allows athletes to be themselves and feel comfortable in their own skin. 

Sounds pretty impressive huh? We think so! 

Australian Swimmer Jessica Hobbin wearing Zealous Swimwear

What does “Zealous” mean?

ZEAL·OUS / ‘zeles / adj: To be consumed by intense enthusiasm or zeal. inspired by an active interest or passion

The Zealous brand concept "strength, courage, inspire" is the inspiration behind every garment. Zealous swimsuits are produced with high grade polyester fabric and designed by Hollie using unique, vibrant and colourful artwork. 

As the woman behind the brand, can you tell us more about Zealous Swimwear? 

Hollie: I created Zealous Swimwear with the dream to inspire young athletes to be the best they can be. I developed my unique brand using an expert team of Australian elite athletes, designers, textile specialists, and machinists.

I wanted the brand to embody the notion of passion, drive and the will to succeed in all endeavours. As a brand, Zealous aims to provide a garment that allows athletes to be themselves and feel comfortable in their own skin. We seek to inspire greatness and confidence in athletes around the world by providing an active swimsuit that is durable, fashionable and 100% Australian owned.

Every Zealous Swimsuit is high quality, Australian made, long lasting and designed with training and pro athletes in mind. Zealous is designed and produced for the sole purpose of frequent training in chlorinated and salt water, and designed specifically for an athletic figure. For this reason it's the swimwear choice of Australia's best athletes including Olympics, Commonwealth Games, Pan Pacific Games and World Championship Swimmers. 

Australian Pro Althlete Flick Abram wearing Zealous Swimwear 

As the key Designer of Zealous Swimwear, what inspires you to create your unique and vibrant designs? 

Hollie: I draw my inspiration from everything around me. From where I've travel to my favourite movies, music or dream destinations. I love exploring new themes, colours and print textures each season. 

Hollie, what's a typical work day like?

Hollie: I always start my day with coffee, while I check all social accounts and browse my email. I usually settle into work around 7:30 and start by knocking off any admin required, such as processing orders and accounts. Then I start on emails and get any quotes, customer service emails and general enquiries covered off. From there I usually split my days between doing team wear, stock management and social media.

Hollie Piper, Zealous Swimwear owner 

Running a successful brand is a full time job... Add in motherhood and marriage, life can get pretty busy. So what's Hollie's secret to staying on top of her mommy duties and balancing work? The "4am hustle" of course and "no work after 6pm".   

How do you stay motivated and on track everyday? 

Hollie: I'm a list maker and I have a lot of apps and plugins for my computer and phone to help me stay on track with follow-ups, tasks, production and social media. I also work in bulk, which basically means instead of doing one of something I'll bank up several at a time. For example, I'll do a week to a months worth of social media posts in one hit, instead of just scheduling the posts for that day. I'm also partial to the 4am hustle which helps me cover off more work per week.

Being a wife, mother, and business owner - how do you balance work and family? 

Hollie: Up until recently, I was a FIFO wife which meant I had to stay on track with my time on the weeks my husband would be away. This is also why I get up at 4 some mornings to get those hours in that I'll miss while I'm running the kids school and sports. It means I can enjoy watching them do their activity and we aren't so rushed at pick up/drop off times. We try to meal prep for the week ahead so it saves me time in the evenings, which is very helpful, plus I don't really like cooking. I have a no work rule after 6pm and Friday's is my "down day" which is basically my day to do as I choose. I usually just do emails that day and do some cleaning, groceries, and laundry. Then my weekend is somewhat free to relax with my family and get ready for the next busy week. 

Hollie & Sean Piper | Stephanie Bowers Photography

What’s your best business tip for women running their own business? 

Hollie: Spend more time on your business rather than in your business. Don't get caught up with the running of day to day things, spend time on improving and growing your business. 

Hollie Piper | Stephanie Bowers Photography

Being the founder, managing director and textile designer behind Zealous, Hollie has created one of Australia's best Swimwear brands. Not only does she design each piece of Zealous Swimwear, she runs a successful online store (shopzealous.comand manages the brand's social media channels. When it comes to business Hollie is organised, driven, motivated and most of all passionate about inspiring athletes to be the best they can be with Zealous Swimwear. 

Girls take note, Hollie Piper is one zealous woman and our newest Wonder Woman. Follow Hollie's adventures on Instagram and be sure to follow her brand Zealous Swimwear. 

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