Monday, February 18, 2019

EMILY SKYE: James Cosmetics Lipsticks

EMILY SKYE James Cosmetics Lipsticks

Glamour Gal and Fit Mum Emily Skye just launched her new range of Lipsticks.  

James Cosmetics co-founder Emily Skye announced her brand new lipsticks today, which include a trio of her favourite shades. 

Emily: "My new lipstick range redefines luxury, with a rich satin texture, the highly pigmented and moisturising formula will ensure a perfect look every time." 

Emily's new range of lipsticks includes the perfect nude, a vibrant red and a pinky nude. 

Emily: "I want you to feel confident when you put this lipstick on."

In a world of negativity Emily is a champion of change. We chose this name because when you apply it, you should feel that you can't relate to the everyday, to the norm. Today isn't your day? Can't relate is the answer. Feel the negativity wash away as you apply the highly pigmented colour ready to take on the world. 

Emily: "Can't Relate is more of a pigmented pinky nude colour. And it's a beautiful colour. I wear that in the day with really light makeup or you could wear it with more smokey makeup, heavier makeup if you're going out to dinner."

A word that personifies the day to day with Emily. A truly inspired creative at heart, she's easily distracted, and once she saw this vibrant red, she was simply distracted. The fiercest colour in the collection, Distracted will ensure you light up any room, and direct the attention where it belongs. 

Emily: "So the absolute best red lipstick ever is called Distracted."

STANDARD The Perfect Nude
The ever classic, ever sought after, nude shade. Standard is something you'll often hear Emily say, and brings a little irony to the shade. At first glance it seems standard, but once you apply, and wear it, you'll notice it's anything but standard. Rather a creamy satin blend that perfectly highlights the lip and is perfect for an everyday look. 

Emily: "There is the absolute most perfect nude lippy called standard. And you look at that and think that's just a standard nude lipstick but there is so much more too it. Because it suits everyone. I love this colour." 

Emily's makeup and hair by Makeup Artist Mia Connor. 

James Cosmetics new lipsticks are available exclusively at

Co-founded by Emily Skye and her business manager Sam Mangan, James Cosmetics launched in 2017 with a range of luxury gold lip and eye masks. 

James Cosmetics is cruelty free and vegan. 

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