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Raw Beauty Kristi x Colourpop 

Colourpop just launched their new cottage core, nature inspired makeup collab with Youtube star Kristi know as Raw Beauty Kristi. This must-have makeup collection has been years in the making for Kristi's one million devoted youtube subscribers. 

This collection of cruelty-free cosmetics inspired by the beauty of America's Pacific North West is the ultimate in eco glam! Fall in love with Kristi's fairy tale, dream come true, forest-toned makeup collection. 

Colour Mom.

3 years ago Kristi made a powerful statement in a video on her Youtube. She declared that she would one day collaborate with Colourpop to create an eyeshadow Palette. 

Kristi: "I will collaborate on an eyeshadow palette one day with Colourpop. I will. Mark my words on this. Colourpop me and you..." 

In 2017 Kristi manifested a dream on a youtube video, and her Youtube fans ran with it. She said her followers inundated her comments section with comments about a colourpop collab. 

Kristi: "I want to come out with a collection of products with you [Colourpop] that are going to WOW the world."

Kristi declared her love for the ultra cool California Makeup Company describing their products as "next level good" with "cute as shit" packaging. 

Fast forward to 2020... and the brand new Raw Beauty Kristi x Colourpop collection is here!

into the woods.

Colourpop sent a small team to Kristi's home state of Washington to photograph her for the campaign images. The talented team created the most perfect nude-coloured custom made gown with white flowers - everything that Kristi had envisioned. The picturesque photoshoot in the woods formed the stunning images that are displayed on Colourpop's website and sprinkled all over social media. 

Kristi: "The day was perfect, the team was so nice!"

Kristi: "I hope you guys love the collection as much as I do. And that it makes you feel warm and cosy." 

A beautiful note from Kristi is included inside the new fairy forest style Colourpop PR box, which is adorned with mushrooms and gorgeous greenery. 

The new Raw Beauty Kristi collection is inspired by Washington - the beloved state she calls home. 

Kristi"This whole collection was inspired by the Pacific North West [America] Washington State - mushrooms, trees, moss. I wanted it to feel that it is you coming into the state of Washington and experience it through makeup." 

At forest sight. 

Kristi chose cardboard packaging (an eco-friendly option) for her Colourpop palette (instead of plastic). 

Kristi: "I knew I wanted it to be a cardboard palette because I like that it's recyclable and that's really really important to me."

At Forest Sight shadow palette $20

The unique Washington state colour story for Kristi's palette was taken directly from nature, literally! 

Kristi explains in her Youtube video that she took photos of the Washington landscape and incorporated the exact colours into this perfectly curated eyeshadow palette. 

FEATURED PRODUCT |  At Forest Sight shadow palette 

Kristi: "When I was designing this eyeshadow palette... I took pictures of the Pacific North West, of Washington state, of mushrooms, of leaves and I took the little dropper tool and literally pulled actual colours from the landscape." 

The eyeshadow palette's shade names including Emerald City and West Coast are named after trees, mushrooms, ferns, nature and Washington.  

Emerald city.

Kristi: "I wanted to create colours that complimented the palette. Super Shock Shadows. I wanted to have a Quad of Super Shocks, because I think they are just beautiful to top ontop of the eyeshadows. The palette is majority matte but I did want shimmers in it. I wanted complimentary shimmers..." 

Her new Set of Super Shock Shadows (her favourite Colourpop formula) feature 4 stunning shades in forest green packaging along with a mushroom symbol - such a Raw Beauty Kristi vibe! 

FEATURED PRODUCT |  Super Shock Shadow Like A Moss 

Kristi's favourite Super Shock Shadow from the new Quad is called Like A Moss. She says it's so unique and so beautiful. 

Kristi: "This is a very unique shade. It is a green duochrome.... it's so stunning you have to just see it person."

glacier gloss. 

She also includes 2 new shades of Lux Gloss. Her  favourite is Glacier - an icey ivory lipgloss with silver sparkles, that dazzles in the sunlight just like glacier water. This lip colour is Kristi's 'go-to' lip gloss. You can wear it over any lip colour. This shade is named after the fresh icey glacier water in Diablo Lake, a reservoir in Washington State. 

Diablo Lake, Washington, USA 
Photo by Wallace Bentt on Unsplash 

: "You can wear it over any lip colour. This gloss is truly unbelievable. A perfect clear gloss with gorgeous sparkle in it. A beautiful topper to an lip to give it that super shine."

FEATURED PRODUCT |   Glacier Lux Gloss

To complete this dreamy collaboration - Kristi created a trio of Colourpop Créme Gel Liners in earthy tones to compliment the eyeshadows in this nature inspired collection. 

Kristi: "I wanted to create shades that were a little different to what I had seen in eyeliners before. These colours are so perfect for fall." 

PODCAST |  Listen to Colourpop's Podcast episode with Raw Beauty Kristi on Spotify 

Raw Beauty. 

Kristi is known for her always honest cruelty-free beauty reviews on Youtube. Cruelty-free beauty is something that's very important to her. Which makes this collab with one of America's most popular cruelty-free and vegan beauty brands absolutely perfect. Plus Kristi has only positive things to say about working with the Colourpop team (she cleverly nicknames Colour Mom) to develop her new collection. "Colourpop crushed it!", she said describing this year as a dream come true. She's expecting her first child any day now. 

Kristi: "Obviously as with anything that I would launch, Colourpop is cruelty free." 

VIDEO |  Watch Kristi announce her new Colourpop collection in her youtube video

NEW! Raw Beauty Kristi x Colourpop collection is available from November 12, 2020 exclusively at

Kristi: "I hope it that went you see this collection you will feel inspired. I hope it lets you feel what it's like to live in this beautiful state. I am so excited that I get to share something thats so near and dear to my heart with such an amazing brand with you all." 

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