Eco Glamazine is an eco-friendly digital magazine style health + beauty blog for women. 

Meet our Glamour Gals and Eco Angels!

Our magazine features incredible women and their inspiring stories. With so much negative press and gossip on the internet about celebrities, we wanted to create a space to spotlight women in a positive light, in the hopes to uplift and inspire others. 

Eco Glamazine is a free digital magazine style health + beauty blog. New issues are published bi-monthly featuring our Eco Angel on the cover, along with an in depth cover story. 

All our articles are published free for our readers, courtesy of our incredible hosts Google and Weebly. 

Our eco-friendly blog is 100% non-profit and remains ad-free for our readers. 


eco angel 

An Eco Angel is our featured cover girl. 
She embraces a beautiful eco-friendly lifestyle & inspired others through her projects and passions. 

glamour gal

A Glamour Gal embraces a natural healthy lifestyle and inspires others with her actions and dare-to-dream attitude. Her inner beauty shines bright. 

fit girl

Fit Girl feature articles showcase fit and fabulous women to inspire you to get moving! 
#FitnessFriday #WorkoutWednesday

beauty boss

A Beauty Boss is an empowered women driven to succeed in her career.  She is often the CEO, Founder or Brand Ambassador of a cruelty-free beauty business that encourages female empowerment. 

wonder woman

A Wonder Woman is strong and successful, she always believes in the power of Mother Nature... She faces her fears and overcomes personal struggles with dignity and believes everything happens for a reason. 

summer goddess 

A Summer Goddess embraces her love of the beach and Summer with a fun carefree attitude. She loves showing off her trim and toned figure in the latest Summer fashions. 


Eco Glamazine was created by Lauren Day.

Lauren is a Graphic Designer, Social Media Expert and Content Creator on the Gold Coast, Australia. 

Lauren has a unique flare for discovering talented women with a passion for our planet. Each month she writes inspiring stories about inspirational women, eco-friendly fashion, health and beauty.

Eco Glamazine was founded by Lauren Day in the hopes to inspire and spotlight incredible women, and the first issue of Eco Glamazine was published in September 2011. 


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Eco Glamazine is an eco-friendly health + beauty blog. Our digital magazine style online publication is non-profit, and is in no way trying to infringe on the copyrights of any businesses or individuals. We showcase people, products and brands with the mission to educate and empower women. All photos remain copyright to their original owners.