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ECO WARRIOR: Sheridyn Fisher

ECO WARRIOR Sheridyn Fisher

This month our featured Eco Warrior is Australian actress and model Sheridyn Fisher.  

Sheridyn grew up near the beach on the Central Coast of Australia. Even from a young age Sheridyn was very inquisitive, eager to learn as much as she could about everything here on Earth. Everything from animals to places, nutrition, health, creative arts, painting, movies, philosophy and the cosmos. As a kid, she was very much a tomboy, who loved movies and learning about science, space and the environment.  

Her huge dreamers imagination, creative passion and truth-seeking nature lead her to pursue creative writing, learning photography and editing, acting and modelling. Even nutritional based studies has now led her to live life where she can passionately create in work she loves. 

For almost a decade now, Sheridyn has lived a Plant Based Life with an enormous passion for preserving the Earth, it's animals and all the people that live here. Knowing from a very young age the importance of all life, Sheridyn had spent the last decade self-researching the links between the human diet and the connection to the detrimental environmental concerns we now see today. 

Sheridyn hopes to use her platform to help others, especially those who don't have a voice and to help inspire people to "make the connection" in order to preserve all life, the natural word, our precious resources for the future generations to come. She truly embodies the essence of an Earth Child and an Eco Warrior

This motivation was the reason Sheridyn completed her studies and achieved her Advanced Diploma of Nutrition receiving her Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate which she completed in November 2017. 

Sheridyn released her first self-funded and self-published book titled "Plant Based Life" in 2018 to share her knowledge on the benefits of Plant Based health and nutrition. 

Sheridyn: "I wanted to create a book and a community where I could share my Plant Based lifestyle with all of you who have been asking. I've been a living a completely vegan, plant based lifestyle for the last 8 almost 9 years and wanted to share my abundant, incredible, delicious plant based food I eat to nourish my mind, body and soul and ultimately lead me to create something I am truly passionate about."

Over the last decade working as a model, business owner and actress, Sheridyn has gained a loyal following on social media. She currently has 3.9 Million fans on Facebook and over 600K on Instagram. 

Her intention for the book Plant Based Life, coupled with utilising her huge social platform, is to spread education and awareness of the importance of the link between the human diet and environmental destruction, in the hopes to contribute in any way she can to preserve the future for the next generation to come. As a mother of two, this a very important mission for her. 

Plant Based Life by Sheridyn Fisher includes a mixture of her own healthy plant based recipes along with some Veganised favourites from her friends and family. The book also includes her own food photography, important information on the animal agriculture industry and the connection to the environmental damages we see in the world today. The book features mindfulness and mindful eating tips, self love, spirituality and more! Written completely from the heart, Sheridyn truly hopes to inspire others to consider a compassionate lifestyle. 

Plant Based LifeHard Cover & E-Book is available from

PLANT BASED LIFE Book includes: 
  • 80 + Plant Based Meals & Green Smoothies Ideas (Raw and cooked)
  • Colour photography by Sheridyn Fisher and other well known photographers 
  • Basic Plant Based Nutritional guide. Includes information on Plant based Protein, Carbohydrates, Fibre, Essential Vitamins and Minerals with additional information about the benefits of Antioxidants and more.
  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness and Self Love
  • Tips on Eating out Plant Based
  • Natural Face Masks
  • Eco Friendly Products and tips

To stay in shape as a busy mum, Sheridyn trusts White Wolf Nutrition

Sheridyn: "Rocking my mum bod and starting the day with White Wolf Nutrition - natural and lean plant based proteins to help me get back into shape. Mum life takes a toll and I love using these 100% vegan plant based proteins in smoothies and by themselves in between meals to help stop cravings and keep me full and energised in between meals. My kids love the flavours too." 

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This month to honour Clean Up Australia Day on March 1st, Sheridyn shares her Eco Friendly and waste Free hacks

Did you know?

Ocean plastic pollution is one of our ocean's biggest threats! Over 268,940 tonnes of litter is currently floating in our ocean, so being aware of conscious alternatives to plastic and being mindful of the waste we produce is important for the environment. All the waste we do not reuse, repurpose or recycle ends up in landfill and our oceans. 

Sheridyn shares some simple ways to be a more conscious consumer.


Reusable Coffee cups, bottles, and metal straws are a wonderful alternative to single-use plastics. Every day we can minimise our waste by just brining our own.

Plant Based Life readers can save 20% off all eco products at when you used the code PLANTBASEDLIFE at the checkout.


The more you support the businesses dedicated to sustainable and eco-conscious practices, the more you help drive a positive change and make other business rethink their current methods and their environmental impacts.


MILLIONS of marine animals are negatively affected by litter in our seas every day and plastics bags are one of the worst. 

Always remember to bring your own bag. Keep reusable bags in your car, handbag or even just carry your items if you can. If we each did our little bit to be more mindful, we could reduce the amount of waste we each individually create each day.


Always opt for fresh produce to snack on like bananas, apples, oranges, watermelon etc. Mother Nature naturally packages her fruits and vegetables with biodegradable "wrappings" that are much healthier for your body and the environment. Most snacks you purchase in wrappers come with excess sugar, salts and chemicals to enhance their flavour and which can have a negative effect on our body. 


Cleaning up after yourself especially when you are visiting the outdoors is essential to help the environment and our wildlife, but "taking three for Mother Nature" is a great way help, even more! Aiming to pick up 3 pieces of litter on our beaches, in our oceans or in the environment can create a positive impact for wildlife and nature too. Imagine the positive change we could create if everyone did this? Be the change you wish to see in the world!

Ocean Photos by Jess Kate Photography

Plant based eating is not just another fad diet, it's a lifestyle. As a conscious consumer and vegan, Sheridyn's mission is to educate others about the power of plants. 

Sheridyn: "For me, eating Plant based allows me to be a conscious consumer and try to create as less of an impact to our beautiful Earth, the oceans and our animal friends. I made a decision a long time ago after making the connection of what our fellow earthlings endure, how they suffer and how it affects us all to live as kind as possible in this world given the circumstances."

Sheridyn's plant based journey has been a rewarding and enlightening experience and she encourages you to give it a go. 

Sheridyn: "It has been the most positive, rewarding change I have ever made in the most beautiful way and I hope sharing my journey brings inspiration to yours."

Sheridyn Fisher is an Eco Warrior leading the way and empowering her fellow eco conscious women to make the switch to a Plant Based Life, to improve their health, and the environment for future generations to come. 

Sherdiyn Fisher 

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Plant Based Life  


This cover story is featured in Eco Glamazine March 2020