Wednesday, November 27, 2013

WONDER WOMAN: 2013 Celebrity Mums

Celebrity Mums

Mummy Dearest. 
There is no shortage of new Celebrity Mums this year with more than 35 well known celebrities giving birth to new bundles of joy in 2013. So we thought it was best to get some words of wisdom from this year's hottest new moms, after all mother knows best. 

Jenna Dewan Tatum 

Jenna and husband Channing Tatum welcomed their first child, daughter Everly on May 31st 2013. She was born in London and the proud parents showed off their precious little angel with a beautiful family photo they shared via social media. 

Just a few months after giving birth Jenna appeared on the cover of Self Magazine showing off her hot post-baby body. She lost 33 pounds in just 2 months by following a vegetarian diet, working 12 hour days on the set of her new show Witches of East End and regular hip-hop workouts with her trainer.

Jenna: "My healthiest habit is being vegetarian. For lunch I'll have a salad with chickpeas [and] for dinner I'll have a bowl of beans, rice, corn, guacamole and salsa." Jenna is a professional dancer and says she hates cardio but says "dancing is fun"

Her workouts are always fun and stress free. And Jenna says her husband loves her new curvier figure. 

Jenna: "Life shouldn't be about trying to get a perfect body. It should be about enjoying the moment and feeling good in your skin."  


Holly Madison

Former Playboy Playmate Holly Madison gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Rainbow Aurora on March 28th, 2013. "I couldn't be more blessed to have such a perfect daughter and have never been happier than I am now!" It's her first child with boyfriend Pasquale Rotella. Rainbow made her public debut in a series of glamorous portraits with Holly which featured in US Magazine. 

Holly explained why she chose the name Rainbow. 

Holly: "I wanted to give my daughter a unique name. Growing up, there was a girl in my school named Rainbow and I was so envious of that name. I thought it was so pretty and unique." 

Since Rainbow's arrival Holly has been enjoying motherhood. 

Holly: "Like all babies, she has her moments. But I'm so in awe of her that I even think her screams are cute!" 

Just a few months before announcing her pregnancy she told People magazine about her plans to start a family. 

Holly: "I've wanted kids and that's something I'm definitely doing as soon as possible." 

Madison lost 30 pounds of baby weight and appeared in Life and Style Magazine, just 6 weeks after giving birth. Holly's success with post baby weight loss was due to intense cardio sessions, portioned controlled meal plans and daily green smoothies. During her pregnancy she ate healthy even though she craved fast food. 

Holly: "Not that I didn't have cheat days or stop for Taco Bell driving home from the doctor. But I started paying attention to my eating habits because my baby's health was now dependent on it."

Jessica Simpson

Proud mama Jessica Simpson gave birth to a bouncing baby boy Ace in June 2013. "I'm so excited to have a son."  The delightful arrival of her second child with fiancé Eric Johnson means the world to Jessica. Mother to daughter Maxwell Drew who was born just 13 months before Ace. Jessica feels at peace being a mum.

Jessica: "With two kids, we have our hands full, but everyday is a new adventure." 

During her first pregnancy in 2012, Jessica appeared on the cover of Elle Magazine. 
Jessica signed a 4 million dollar deal with Weight Watchers, losing 40 pounds after the birth of her first baby in May 2012. 

Jessica admits that losing weight was a "challenge" because she felt alot of pressure from the media about her body size. 

Jessica: "I've had to really stay focused and focus on my diet and concentrate on what I'm putting in my body."


Colombian singer Shakira gave birth to her son Milan on January 22, 2013 in Barcelona, Spain. The new bundle of joy with her Spanish soccer star beau Gerard Piqué is her first child. 

During her pregnancy Shakira posed with Gerard in a beautiful photo shoot. The images were to promoted a baby shower which fans could make small donations to aid UNICEF, an organisation that helps children worldwide. Shakira has been a UNICEF ambassador for many years and says children and education are very important to her. 

The 36 year old judge on America's The Voice showed off her post baby body on the cover of Shape Magazine (September 2013). Shakira flaunts her sexy toned abs and those hips don't lie! She admits to enjoying Zumba classes to keep fit. 

Shakira: "I did Zumba throughout my pregnancy. That helped me not gain too much weight." 

We all wish, that it was just a matter of doing a few extra sit ups to lose the baby weight, but Shakira knows better. So she incorporated four to five morning workouts a week. 

Shakira: "Two minutes of ab work isn't enough." 

Even though Shakira enjoys working out she doesn't obsess over her body. 

Shakira: "I don't obsess over my flaws, because I see my body as a whole. Besides, I think men appreciate confidence more than perfection."

2014 will be another popular year for celebrity baby births with Megan Fox, Drew Barrymore, Olivia Wilde and Kate Winslet all due to give birth next year.