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GLAMOUR GAL: Ashley Hayman

Ashley Hayman Blonde Ambition
Glamour Gal Spring 2013

Our new Glamour Gal for Spring 2013 is Aussie model and animal lover Ashley Hayman. In this exclusive interview Ashley talks about her fitness routine, her skincare secret and her adorable dachshunds. 

We are honoured to feature you as our Spring Glamour Gal. What's makes you feel glamorous? 
Ashley: Thank you for having me! Hair and makeup definitely! What girl doesn't love getting done up? 

Ever since she was a teenager Ashley knew she wanted be a model. Her love for photography and makeup ignited her passion for the big wide world of modelling. 

Being a model is such an exciting career. What do you love most about modelling? 
Ashley: I love that it's not just a hobby or a 'Job' as such it's actually my biggest passion! I also love that I have had the privilege to meet and network with some of the most amazing people. I started out when I was seventeen and have never looked back. If somebody asked me to do an eighty six hour photo shoot I would say yes in a heartbeat! Call me crazy but that's just how much I love it. 

When she was eighteen Ashely joined Vixen Management modelling agency where she was booked for her first modelling job promoting international clothing company Ed Hardy. After a few years modelling Ashley became the "it girl" in the industry. At the age of twenty one she signed with Swan Productions and was featured in campaigns for Bras N Things, Ice Design, QT Girl, Sheridyn Swim & Greef Industries. 

Ashley is wearing Sheridyn Swim. 

With experience in photographic, editorial, runway, presenting, film and commercial modelling it was not long before Ashley was signed with Combat as one of their official C8 Girls. Ashley has also been featured in Ralph Magazine, FHM Australia and Zoo Weekly just to name a few. She has also been featured in promotions for Playboy, Colgate, Holden and Ed Hardy. 


As a model, fashion is obviously something you love. What's your favourite fashion accessory?  
Ashley: I am a sucker for high heels! Every time I go shopping thats one thing I always find myself looking at. I think a black heel is always sexy and classy.

Ashley is a self confessed "fitness freak". She shares inspirational fitness photos with her Facebook and Instagram fans to inspire and encourage others to live a healthy, fit lifestyle. 

Ashley you have an amazing toned body. What's your fitness routine? 
Ashley: Thank you very much! My usual routine consists of early morning cardio with an ab workout, followed by weight training in the late afternoon. 

Obviously diet plays a huge role in staying in shape. What's your 5 favourite foods for keeping a trim figure? 
Ashley: It certainly does! My five favourites would have to be brown rice, chicken, tuna, fruit and oats. 

Ashley is sponsored by Direct Nutrition Australia as one of their official models. 

Ashley has such a kind hearted personality. She is an animal lover and shares photos of her beautiful dachshunds with her fans via social media. 

Your miniature dachshunds are so adorable. Can you tell us more about them?
Ashley: They are the cutest! I have three all up, all females too. Their names are Taijha, Jorgia & Ruby. Taijha and Jorgia are both short haired dachshunds and Ruby is a long haired dachshund. They are all so different! Taijha is such a Princess! Jorgia is like a tom boy and hates affection, and Ruby is very laid back and not bothered by anything. They always put a smile on my face. 

Ahsley's true beauty is captured in your pictorials and photo shoots. Weather it's a makeup-free selfie she shares on Instagram or a glamorous photo shoot, she always look beautiful. 

Ashley what's your best beauty secret? 
Ashley: My beauty secret would have to be my skincare routine and drinking lots of water of course. I use a brand called Cactus Skincare which is amazing! They are an Australian made brand with all organic ingredients. I cleanse and moisture on a daily basis and use a white clay mask once a week. One of my favourite products by Cactus is the Nature's Anti-Oxidant Creme. I apply this in the evening after cleansing my face with the Lemon Myrtle Cleanser. Cactus Skincare is my secret weapon to keeping my skin looking fresh & clean. 


Ashley's drive and determination in this modelling industry is rare. She is focussed and goal orientated and her "Nothing can bring me down" attitude makes her an inspiration to many. 

You're a positive role model to many young girls. Do you have a female role model or a woman who inspires you? 
Ashley: Jennifer Hawkins has always been a big inspiration to me! She lived in Newcastle as do I and to see how far she has come is such a big motivation for me. Also Candice Swanepoel is my all time favourite model. The fact that she seems so humble, natural and just genuine is so inspiring. I love when women become successful but don't let the fame go to their head. 

One of Ashley's best traits is her positive attitude. Giving up is simply not an option for her. Ashley's professional attitude, positivity and passion has brought her nothing but success. 

Ashley we love your positive attitude. What helps you stay so motivated? 
Ashley: Results help me stay motivated. There is nothing better than getting out what you put in. Also setting goals for myself and ticking them off is another thing. 

Ashley inspires others with photos and quotes that she shares online with her fans via Facebook and Instagram. 

Do you have a quote or motto that you live by? 
Ashley: I live by quotes. They are amazing. I have so many I could share but one I have always loved is "You may slow down, you may stop, but never quit." 

Ashley is certainly going places, with experience in the modelling industry and her drive and determination theres nothing she can't conquer if she sets her mind to it. We were thrilled to feature Ashley Hayman as our Glamour Gal this season. She is such an inspiring, beautiful young woman with so much potential. 

Follow Ashley's journey via social media. 

Ashley Hayman
instagram: @ashleyhayman

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