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Eco Angel Taylor Swift dropped her 7th studio album on August 23, simply titled Lover

Taylor: "This album is very much a celebration of love, in all it's complexity, coziness and chaos. It's the first album that I've ever owned, and I couldn't be more proud."

This album is very special to Taylor, not only because it's the first album she owns the masters to, but it's the first album she shares personal pages from her own diaries with fans. 

Taylor: "I've been writing in diaries since I was 13 years old. I have written my original lyrics in those diaries, just feelings, you know, lessons, things you go through and that's been one of my ways of coping with things. I need to write songs or write something in order to process life good times and bad."

"I'm really excited about sharing this with you because you've been there for me and you've made my life what it is I just wanted to take this opportunity to celebrate the 13th year."

13 years after her debut album Taylor Swift is celebrating this new era, creating 4 deluxe editions of LOVER as treasured keepsakes for her loyal fans. 

TAYLOR SWIFT LOVER Deluxe Album include: 

  • Lover CD
  • Poster 
  • Lyric Booklet 
  • Journal including Taylor's diary entries, handwritten lyrics, photos and blank journal pages for fans to create their own 
  • 2 bonus memos from Taylor's songwriting sessions

Lover Deluxe editions are available exclusively at Target stores and online at

Taylor:  "These are the deluxe editions of the album and there are four of them, and in them are 120 pages of my diaries. It's everything from pictures drawn, photos of that time in my life. Each one of these has 30 pages because there's four, so there's 30 pages of journal entries from me in each one of these." 


Each Deluxe edition features a unique set of Taylor's diary entries plus blank pages for fans to write in, creating true collectors items for her devoted Swifties. 

Taylor: "There's lots of pictures and stuff and then it goes to your opportunity to turn this into your journal and process things in your life by writing about them. And then at the back of it, is the CD and the art and the booklet." 

Taylor has always shared her life with fans through her song lyrics, but this is the first time, she's sharing her creative process and personal snapshots of times throughout her life. 

Taylor: "I found the original lyrics of All Too Well, which I didn't even know I had in my diaries. It's everything from being 13 and coming home from a bad day at school to Grammy night - you know processing my life changing as a teenager.  I felt like I've really been sharing my life with you. I've always used the metaphor of like "open up my diary and share it with them" and the fact that they accept me for that makes this why we have such a strong bond, but this is taking it a step further."

Taylor Swift LOVER

To celebrate the launch of Taylor's incredible new album LOVER, Taylor joined forces with fashion designer Stella McCartney, to create a limited edition clothing collection showcasing the LOVER era. 

Taylor: "It's been so fun to dream up cute stuff with Stella McCartney to create a line inspired by my new album." 

Taylor Swift & Stella McCartney | StellaXTaylorSwift

#StellaxTaylorSwift collection (available at features pretty pastel visuals from Taylor's LOVER photoshoot and song lyrics from the album, including Like a Tennessee Stella McCartney.

This new fashion line along with LOVER merchandise were featured in store at The Lover Experience #TaylorSwiftPopUp Shop in New York City, during album release week. 


"In it's first five days of release, Taylor Swift's 'Lover' has claimed the largest week for any album in the US, in terms of total units earned, since her last release, Reputation, in 2017."

The fans have spoken, Lover is a success! It's a celebration of love in all it's complexity, coziness and chaos.



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ECO ANGEL: Kate Upton

KATE UPTON  Strong 4 Me


Actress, supermodel and new mom Kate Upton is our new Eco Angel for August 2019. 

This month Kate's creating an online community with her fitness program Strong4Me around self motivation and encouraging others to join the conversation and share their stories with the new campaign #ShareStrong. 

Kate grew up in Michigan with her mother and father, Shelley and Jeff Upton. When Kate was seven the Upton family moved to Florida and she pursued her passion for horse riding as a young equestrian. 

Kate: "I loved horses since I was little. My sister and I... we took lessons and then started going into competitions and we got better and better and kept moving up to the next level." 

Upton was signed with Elite Model Management during a casting call in Miami in 2008. When Kate moved to New York and joined IMG Models, she became the face of Guess appearing in the company's sexy ad campaigns from 2010 to 2011. 

Kate Upton GUESS (2011) 

Kate's big break came when the 19-year-old model first appeared in Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit edition in 2011, with the magazine naming her Rookie of the Year. She has graced the iconic cover of Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit issue four times. Featuring on the cover and inside the magazine with stunning pictorials in 2012, 2013, 2014 (flip-side cover) and again in 2017. 

Kate's cover of the 2017 SI Swimsuit Issue included three special collector's covers, with the issue focusing on body diversity. 

Kate: "The brand represents to me confident, beautiful, sexy women. For Sports Illustrated to be just as passionate as I am to embrace all body types and all different people and all different types of women, is really special to me, and one of the reasons I am so excited to be part of this issue."

Kate Upton Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue 2017

"It's a full circle moment for us. We started Kate in her career, and you know, we watch her grow and become not only this worldwide, superstar phenomenon; she changed the direction of the modelling industry. Kate Upton was really this trailblazer that led the way for the Ashley Grahams of the world and everything you're seeing happen that's different in fashion right now." 
MJ Day, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Editor

From supermodel to movie star, Kate made the move to Hollywood with a starring role alongside Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann in the 2014 romantic comedy The Other Woman

Kate's character Amber is a Swimsuit model and mistress in the hilarious comedy about three women who unite to take revenge on Mark, after they discover he's been dating all three of them at the same time. 

Kate: "Amber is a free spirit, and she's definitely a little bit naive or too optimistic about life. So she never thought she's be put in a situation where she was with a guy who was married or even had a girlfriend, especially not both. So she was really shocked and upset that she hurt these women and I think that was more her shock than actually her boyfriend cheating on her." 


Kate: "The Other Woman to me, is about women who really are there for each other and have found that their friendship means more than that relationship. And it's about going through their lives and having someone who loves them so much they would do anything for them and that's why I really love the movie." 

Kate really enjoyed her first major movie role especially being on set with fellow actors Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann, while filming the movie on location in New York City, The Bahamas and The Hamptons. 

Kate: "I'm so lucky to have you know one of my first movies with Leslie and Cameron - they're such amazing people and they're so inspiring and happy all the time. We have so much fun. We talk and we're laughing all the time off set, it makes it a lot more comfortable when you're on set." 

"This film is hilarious and it's a lot of fun." 
Kate Upton

In real life, Kate found love off screen with American baseball pitcher Justin Verlander. The couple were engaged in 2016 with Upton revealing the news on the red carpet at the Met Gala. 

Kate: "We met filming a commercial for Major League Baseball." 

Following Justin's World Series win, the pair said I Do in a romantic Tuscan villa in Italy on November 4, 2017.  

Kate Upton & Justin Verlander

Wedding Photography by KT MERRY 

When it came to designing her dream dress, Kate chose Valentino.

Kate: "For my ceremony dress, I had the pleasure of collaborating with the fantastic team at Valentino. They are the best at creating delicate, beautiful lace and details, and their Italian heritage kept the fashion and feel authentic to our venue." 

Kate Upton | KT MERRY 

A year later the newly weds welcomed their first child, a baby girl, Genevieve "Evie" Upton Verlander on November 7th, 2018.  

In 2019 Kate's focus is family and fitness with an emphasis on self motivation and self love. Encouraging all women to have a healthy relationship with their mind and body, especially after giving birth. 

This month Kate revealed her un-retouched cover of Health magazine (September 2019). 

Kate: "I don't want anyone to have to be in that negative space where they think, "Oh, no! I don't fit into that size 2 dress." You know what who cares? Buy another one!" 

Kate Upton via Instagram

Kate: #ShareStrong is a campaign to encourage us to post videos or photos of us talking about who or what inspires us to be our best selves. It's to spread positivity and inspiration by creating a community that talks about encouraging, empowering stories and self motivation.

Join Kate's campaign to encourage positivity, inspiration and self love by posting a video or photo explaining who or what motivates you to be strong. Hashtag #ShareStrong and encourage your friends, family and followers to do the same. 

Kate Upton | Instagram

Find your strength. 
Find your confidence. 
Find what makes you strong. 
Kate Upton 

Strong 4 Me by Kate Upton is a workout for busy women on the go. Created by Kate Upton and her personal trainer, Ben Bruno, to help women of any fitness level build strength and confidence. Strong4Me fits into busy schedules and was created to provide sustainable lifestyle changes that keep you energised, motivated and balanced. 

Join Kate's Strong4Me Fitness 12 week at-home fitness program at


There's no denying Kate's love for dogs! With her adorable boxer Harley by her side, Kate and her husband Justin are animal advocates promoting shelters in Houston to bring awareness to the #AdoptDontShop campaign. 

From model to movie star to motherhood Kate Upton is motivating women to be strong, authentic, body positive and happy in their own skin. So girls, take note. You don't need to be a size 2. Just be you! Find your strength, find your confidence, find what makes you strong and #ShareStrong. 

Kate Upton 


Strong4Me Fitness 


This cover story is featured in Eco Glamazine August 2019 

Kate Upton Photo credit:

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

ECO GLAMAZINE: August 2019

Actress, supermodel and new mom Kate Upton is sitting pretty on the cover of our August 2019 issue. 

Kate radiates positivity and with her fitness program Strong4Me Fitness, she is creating a community around self motivation and encouraging others to join the conversation and share their stories with the new campaign #ShareStrong. 

This issue is devoted to #SELFLOVE and honouring our inner strength to be strong, fearless females. 

August 2019 

In this issue 

ECO ANGEL Kate Upton 

read article 

LOVER Taylor Swift  

read article

Kate Upton Cover Photo credit:

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FLOWER HOME: Drew Barrymore

Flower goes global! 

Eco Angel Drew Barrymore expands her Flower brand with the launch of FLOWER HOME at Wallmart and the arrival of FLOWER BEAUTY in Australia.  

In March actress Drew Barrymore launched FLOWER BY DREW; a central hub for all her Flower business ventures which include Flower Beauty, Flower Eyewear and Flower Home. 


Earlier this month, to celebrate the arrival of Flower Beauty in Australia, Drew travelled to Sydney to visit Chemist Warehouse locations which now stock her afford cosmetics line. 

Drew: "Flower Beauty has finally landed in Australia. When I launched FLOWER nearly 7 years ago, so many of you asked about when our products would come to Australia and I can finally say with so much pride.... We are here!! Thank you Australia and Chemist Warehouse for the warm welcome." 

Drew Barrymore at Chemist Warehouse

While in Sydney, Drew attended the Flower Beauty Welcome Party hosted by Marie Claire magazine followed by a Flower Beauty press event with beauty influencers at Bondi Icebergs in Bondi Beach on August 12th. 

Drew: "I think a smile is better than any lipstick. And crows feet are the greatest thing because it shows you've been smiling your whole life. What happens on the inside is truly gonna be what reflects on the outside, no matter how much foundation you put on." 

Drew Barrymore in Bondi | Photo by Tim Hunter

"Makeup is this incredible armour that we put on." 
Drew Barrymore

Drew also celebrated with fans at an exclusive Meet & Greet at Westfield Parramatta on April 13th, 2019. 

Flower Beauty empowers women with prestige-quality formulas and innovative packaging at an affordable price.  

Drew: "Thinking about what messaging are we telling our girls, what is the intention that goes behind the beauty industry and how do we be positive and badass and loving to each other and support each other all at the same time. Flower Beauty is my heart and my soul and it's fun and it's joyful. I'm in the joy business. I am all about the good and I march in the army of optimism." 

"I mixed two of our Petal Pout Lip Colors to get this look."  Drew 

8 years after Drew founded Flower Beauty, Australian consumers can now get their hands on Barrymore's luxury for less cosmetics - available exclusively at over 300 Chemist Warehouse stores. Prices range from $7.99 to $13.99 AUD. 

Drew: "I started this company also when I wanted to stop working in film because I was going to have kids. I like that I'm working on something that my kids really liked, like the beauty business. They love playing with makeup - they loved visiting me on set with acting - but I think the word of business, over film, for me is more conducive to the hours I want to keep as a mother."  


Have you heard the news? Flower HOME is here! 

Introducing FLOWER HOME, Drew Barrymore's free-spirited new collection of furniture and decor. An unexpected mix of bold prints, feminine patterns, fresh colour ways, and functional silhouettes, Flower Home makes it possible for you to express your unique personal style.  

Drew: "I'm completely obsessed with this collection and so proud of every piece we have created for you with our partners Walmart. Hope you love it as much as I do!" 

Drew: "I have always had a love for creating joyful spaces - places where unexpected prints and patterns, shapes and styles, and colours and textures come together in the most delightful way." 

This eclectic collection of home decor includes furniture, cushions, wall art, lighting, bedding, dinnerware and pet accessories.  

Drew: "Our FLOWER Home pet beds and bowls are some of my favourite pieces in the collection - made for our furry friends with love!" 

Drew Barrymore | FLOWER Home

Drew Barrymore, 44, brings her unique and quirky boho chic style, love for florals, bad ass business skills and her grandmother's mismatched style to her new 200 piece home collection. 

Drew: "FLOWER Home bedding makes it just that much more difficult to get out of bed in the morning! We designed bedding, headboards, throw pillows and accessories in beautiful fabrics and playful prints for your home and comfort. I love to design a room that feels collected and we created the FLOWER line with that in mind so you can achieve the look yourself with our FLOWER Home pieces at an affordable price point." 

Drew Barrymore | FLOWER Home

"We designed all of the pillows, throws and sheets to be mixed and styled in your own way." 
Drew Barrymore 

FLOWER Home collection is now available at Walmart stores across America. 





Monday, April 29, 2019

ECO ANGEL: Catherine Zeta Jones

Catherine Zeta Jones 


Hollywood starlet Catherine Zeta Jones is our featured Eco Angel for April / May 2019. This April Catherine is back on QVC launching the new Casa Zeta-Jones Spring collection. 

Born in Wales, Catherine's career began at a young age, on stage in musical theatre. In 1991 she was cast as Marietta in the delightful English television series The Darling Buds of May. The popular British TV show about a family living in the countryside during the 1950's showcased her natural beauty and on screen presence giving her international recognition. 

Catherine: "Literally, with one hour of television my life completely changed. I couldn't go anywhere." 

Hollywood was calling and a few years later Zeta-Jones made her American film debut alongside Ewan McGregor in the 1995 movie Blue Juice. Followed by the lead role in the TV biopic Catherine the Great where she portrayed the iconic German Princess. 

Catherine Zeta-Jones CATHERINE THE GREAT

3 years later Catherine's breakout role came when she landed the role of Elena alongside Antonio Banderas in the action adventure The Mask of Zorro

Catherine: "After Zorro, people spoke Spanish to me for ages. I'm Welsh but that movie instantly gave me a new ethnicity." 

In 1999 Zeta-Jones co-starred with Sean Connery in the heist film Entrapment. Catherine's captivating role as ambitious insurance agent Virginia "Gin" Baker is one of her most iconic. 

Catherine: "What attracts me to the role was a wonderful sense of adventure. It was the multifaceted character in her that I love more than anything. She's a great athlete, she's very smart, and the idea of that as well as working with Sean, it was great." 

Catherine Zeta-Jones ENTRAPMENT

Following the box office success of Entrapment, she was cast in Steven Soderbergh's film Traffic. Catherine was pregnant during filming and the movie also starred her husband, actor Michael Douglas. 

During her thirties Catherine played many diverse and dynamic characters including movie star Gwen Harrison in America's Sweethearts, murderous nightclub singer Velma Kelly in Chicago, glamorous gold digger Marilyn in Intolerable Cruelty, chic flight attendant Amelia Warren in The Terminal, and intelligent Europol Detective Isabel Lahiri in Ocean's Twelve. 

In 2005, ten years after her Hollywood movie debut, Catherine reprised her role as Elena in The Legend of Zorro, reuniting with Antonio Banderas in the swashbuckling sequel to the 1998 film The Mask of Zorro.   

The Mask of Zorro, Ocean's Twelve, The Legend of Zorro, Chicago, Intolerable Cruelty, The Terminal

No matter the role, there's no denying her characters are always glamorous. Catherine brings a certain sophistication and strength to every film. 

Catherine: "Being glamorous is about strength and confidence. It's black and white - dramatic. You have to be strong."

It was this elegance, sophistication and style that landed Catherine as the new face of Elizabeth Arden in 2002. Jones featured in the company's various skincare, makeup and fragrance campaigns including Red Door, Green Tea and Provocative Woman. 

Catherine: "I have read masses about Elizabeth Arden. She was a visionary, and I am proud to be a part of the company she created. As Miss Arden said, 'to be beautiful and natural is the birthright of every woman', and I wholeheartedly agree with her philosophy and dare I say, conviction to her dream." 

Catherine Zeta-Jones | Elizabeth Arden

In her late thirties Catherine starred in two romantic comedies set in New York city. The first was No Reservations, co-starring Aaron Eckhart in 2007 and the second was The Rebound with Justin Bartha in 2009. 

Both movies Catherine played a motherly role which reflected her real life role as devoted mother. 

Twenty film credits later, Catherine turned forty and in 2009, the multi-award winning actress took a break from acting to focus on family. 

Catherine is married to Academy Award winning actor Michael Douglas. Despite the 25 year age gap, the pair were married in November 2000, and have 2 children Dylan Michael Douglas and Carys Zeta Douglas. This year the happy couple will celebrate their 19th wedding anniversary. 

Catherine: "Yes, I was in love with my husband at first sight and still am. We have the most solid relationship." 

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones 

"My family is just the best. My husband and my children are really the joys of my life." 
Catherine Zeta-Jones

In 2017 Catherine added Home Décor Designer to her resume, with the launch of her own luxury homewares line Casa Zeta-Jones at QVC. 

Catherine: "Casa Zeta-Jones is a passion project that's been a long time in the making. I've loved the art of design and interior decorating all my life. Creating a home and lifestyle brand has been a dream of mine, and now I get to share it with everyone at QVC. Beautiful elegant and affordable while never sacrificing luxury and style - that's Casa Zeta-Jones." 

Catherine Zeta-Jones CASA ZETA-JONES

"Creating a home and lifestyle brand has been a dream of mine."
Catherine Zeta Jones

Casa Zeta-Jones collection features luxurious bedding, bath towels, table linens and rugs, designed to complement any style and space. 

Catherine: "The importance of textures, colours, and fabric was instilled in me by my mother who was a seamstress.... Our home was always a beautiful and welcoming place. I want Casa Zeta-Jones to inspire people to transform their homes into a place they love and will want to welcome friends and family through their doors throughout the year." 

Casa Zeta-Jones | Photo: John Russo

This month Catherine returns to QVC to launch her new Spring collection. 

Catherine: "Travelling and experiencing all kinds of décor, working on films with the best set decorators in the world, and my family background have taught me how to create any kind of ambience, be it romantic, classic, luxurious, or modern." 

Shop Casa Zeta-Jones at QVC via

Casa Zeta-Jones | Photo: John Russo

20 years after portraying a Princess in Catherine The Great, Zeta-Jones was honoured with Queen status, starring in the 2018 series Queen America

The new Facebook Watch original series debuted on November 18th with Catherine in the lead role of infamous, Vicki Ellis. This dark comedy set in Tulsa, Oklahoma tells the tale of the most renowned and ruthless beauty pageant coach. 

"After all, it's Vicki's world, everyone else is just living in it." 
Catherine Zeta-Jones

Queen America | Facebook Watch 

Catherine: "I relate to her because I'm from Wales. It's really hard to explain what a tiny place I'm from. I remember having an underlying ambition, which for many years I had to hide. I say in the show, "No one likes a pretty girl who expect big things to happen to her." I was that girl, and so I understand the struggle and the work to make better or to give yourself the best shot. So I completely relate to that." 

Watch Catherine Zeta-Jones in Queen America exclusively on Facebook Watch

Catherine Zeta-Jones | Photo: John Russo

From Hollywood starlet to housewife to home décor designer, Catherine Zeta Jones is one incredible multi-talented woman. An amazing actress who's ability to captivate audiences on screen empowers women to be sexy and confident. Her timeless and sophisticated style is now available for you to decorate your space and create a luxurious, modern home you'll love. 

Catherine Zeta Jones 


Casa Zeta-Jones 


This cover story is featured in Eco Glamazine April / May 2019.