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Eco Angel Catherine Zeta-Jones launches her first makeup line!

Catherine: "Introducing my newest products for Casa Zeta-Jones, a line of makeup designed by yours truly and developed by the team behind WUNDER2." 

Catherine founded Casa Zeta-Jones, a home and lifestyle brand in 2017. Known for her elegant style and Hollywood glamour, this year the Oscar winning actress adds Beauty to expand her brand. 

Catherine: "The purpose of Casa Zeta-Jones is to build a whole universe of products that exude the same feeling: effortless elegance that surprises by being both practical and indulgent. Everyday to extraordinary." 

Casa Zeta-Jones makeup line launched in July with two products - My Mascara and Long Lasting Eyeliner. 

Catherine's Vision
"In launching a makeup line, I want to prioritise, products that keep up with the fast-paced life we all live in while still feeling luxurious." 

Catherine: "I have been searching for the best, cruelty-free products to launch a makeup line that makes you feel confident. Starting with my new mascara and eyeliners. I hope you all love them as much as I do." 

Casa Zeta Jones makeup is cruelty free and vegan and it available exclusively at


Catherine"Everyone needs a go-to mascara, and I developed mine for all the reasons I love: not only is MY MASCARA black, lengthening, and smudge-proof, it's perfectly buildable. One quick coat for everyday, and layer it up for extra glam!" 

This lengthening, buildable, black mascara ticks all the boxes; think separation, volume and length without smudging, clumping or flaking!


Highly pigmented. Creamy Application. Waterproof finish. 
The new Casa Zeta-Jones Eye Contact Eyeliners are the perfect touch for any eye look. Apply a little for subtle shimmer or build up and smoke out for evening glamour. 

Catherine's new Eyeliner is available in 2 shades - Beach Bronze & Gilda Gold. 

Catherine: "I created these liners to be used as the perfect, subtle metallic accent to any eye look. And best of all, they go on beautifully creamy and last all day!" 

Wunder2 create Leaping Bunny certified cruelty-free, high performance products to take the worry out of makeup. 

Catherine: "I love that their products are cruelty-free... it was so important to me." 

Read more about Catherine Zeta Jones in our cover story

Catherine Zeta-Jones 

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SONYA DRIVER: In the Driver's Seat

In the Driver's Seat

This month's featured Eco Angel is Eco Tan Founder Sonya Driver

As a mother, entrepreneur, philanthropist, author and CEO of an international beauty brand, Sonya Driver is an inspirational woman with an incredible story. 

Did you know? Sonya Driver invented Australia's first 100% natural and organic tan. Her Sister was diagnosed with a melanoma at age 30, the cancerous growth was removed, leaving a horrible scar on her arm. Sonya and her sister began getting regular spray tans -  they still wanted a tan without the risk of harmful UV rays - however they soon became concerned about the ingredients. 

Sonya: "We started having spray tans and I began researching the ingredients in the products we were using as I didn't want toxic chemicals getting into my sisters nasty scar. I couldn't believe what I found (even after they claimed they were natural)." 

Sonya Driver: "The truth is always visible. Look deeper." 

After Sonya researched tanning ingredients, she started buying natural and organic ingredients like cacao, flower essence, chamomile.  

Sonya: "I decided to start making my own Organic Spray Tan solution from my tiny kitchen using only natural and organic ingredients." 

She mixed small batches of tanning solution in her kitchen at home on the Gold Coast. Driver ordered more ingredients, making samples of her homemade spray tan and started supplying local salons. Eco Tan was born. 

In 2011, Eco Tan made Australian history, becoming the first and only tanning manufacturer to be certified organic by the Organic Food Chain Australia.  

Sonya: "My love of organics propelled me into this global phenomenon and I hold the enormous honour of being Australia's first Certified Organic Tan!"

It's all about the ingredients 
Sonya's determination to create Australia's first 100% organic tanning solution formed the foundation of her brand's principles - transparency and authenticity. This is why Eco Tan's certifications are so important. 

  • CERTIFIED ORGANIC Eco Tan's entire range is made with natural and organic ingredients 
  • CERTIFIED TOXIC FREE Eco Tan is certified toxic free by Safe Cosmetics Australia  
  • CERTIFIED CRUELTY FREE Eco Tan is accredited by Choose Cruelty Free and promise their products are not (and will never be) tested on animals. 
  • AUSTRALIAN MADE  Eco Tan is an Australian owned company with all products proudly Australian made.  
  • VEGAN TAN, BODY & SKIN CARE PRODUCTS Eco Tan guarantees all their tan, body and skincare products are free from animal derivatives 
  • VEGETARIAN SUN CARE PRODUCTS Eco Tan's sun protection products contain only natural ingredients. 

Sonya encourages all consumers to check the labels on products they purchase, read the ingredients, do your research, practice sun safety and beware of the BS! 

Sonya: "Look past fancy packaging and the marketing show, it's the ingredients that will heal or harm." 

Failing forward to success. 
Sonya's journey to success was not an easy one. Before Eco Tan, Sonya was a struggling to make ends meet as a single mother of two. 

One day, her world was turned upside down when her husband up and left her. Their marriage was over and she was left abandoned to raise her girls alone. Sonya was unemployed with two kids, living in a run-down house. And then suddenly her sister was diagnosed with skin cancer. Sonya need to be a strong, positive influence over her fragile sister, and a good role model for her girls - so she began a new life. She spent two weeks volunteering in East Timor, where she fed hungry children. Surrounded by people who had nothing, she was able to put her situation into perspective. After her divorce, Driver was determined to get back up, dust herself off and make a positive change. 

Sonya: "The quicker you learn to get back up and dust yourself off the better. Don't take it personally."

Fast forward to 2017 and Sonya's little homemade spray tan company has grown into an award winning international beauty brand, achieving the Best Organic Beauty Brand of 2017. 

Use code BeKind20 for 20% off Eco Tan + Free Shipping at  

Uplifting others. 
Sonya is extremely passionate about lifting up other women in business and hopes to educated and inspire business women. 

Sonya: "I'm extremely passionate about lifting up other women in business. Another woman's success is not my failure." 

In 2019 Driver wrote and released her first book The Nudge by Sonya Driver - a raw organic business manual for women. 

Sonya: "[I wrote] a manual for any woman out there who's an entrepreneur, or wants to be, but doesn't know how to go about it." 

THE NUDGE by Sonya Driver

THE NUDGE is a beautiful raw textured hard cover book, with gold foil and de-bossing that is exquisitely printed in Australia using recycled materials. In the new book, Sonya shares her secrets to success as the CEO of an international beauty company. The Nudge provides real life experiences and arms readers with the tool kit they need to strategise towards building a business and pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams. 

Sonya: "I learnt the hard way, I made the mistakes, I rocked back and forth, I got knocked down... SO you don't have to. I've giving you access to my secrets." 

In the Driver's Seat.
Driven and determined to make a difference and uncover the truth, this year Sonya Driver launched her own Podcast; In the Driver's Seat with Sonya Driver 

Buckle up. Sonya Driver has an incredible knack for unravelling layers of the human spirit. Rather than your standard interview Sonya invites people she finds fascinating, inspiring and has their own story to tell and who she connects with, into her drivers seat to have a conversation. She'll take her guests to a place of vulnerability and that's where they will find the gold. It'll make you laugh, it'll make you cry. It'll be raw, honest and heartfelt. 

Sonya: "Have you listened to In the Driver's Seat Podcast yet? It's just dropped. There is 6 incredible episodes that only go for 30 minutes each with inspiring kick ass people that you're gonna absolutely love. Listen to it on Apple Podcast." 

Every month Sonya interviews fascinating and inspiring people with incredible stories to tell. With down to earth conversations, this Podcast is the perfect companion for your morning commute to work. Keep in mind this Podcast contains swearing, so it's not suitable for little ears. 

Sonya's clean beauty revolution continues to receive accolades for her organic skincare and tanning products. Her latest achievement is 4 winning products in the 2020 Beauty Shortlist Awards. 

Sonya: "I am beyond excited, honoured and delighted to announce that we have won 4 products in the UK's Beauty Shortlist Awards. Thank you so much from all of my team and our customers for recognising our gorgeous little Australian organic company. So first of all we won for best new skincare launch our beautiful organic pineapple toner, Super Fruit Toner. Love it! Best Give Back Product for Rafiki Mwena Hand Cream. This is a beautiful organic mango hand cream and all the profits go to Rafiki Mwema, a gorgeous charity in Kenya, a safe house and a farm for terribly abused children.  Best Body Tan, of course Hempitan, beautiful organic tan, doesn't compromise your skin and gives you an incredible colour. Love Hempitan! That's my favourite child at the moment. And we won Best Eye Cream for Eye Compost. This is an absolutely beautiful product and we are so honoured to have won that! Thank you so much to everybody and god bless." 

From unemployed single mom to successful CEO, Sonya Driver has overcome obstacles, to create an incredible company that prides itself on honesty and integrity. With drive and determination to succeed and her passion to uplift and inspire others, Sonya is an influential woman who empowers you to pursue your passion.

Follow Sonya's adventures on Instagram @sonyadriver 



This cover story is featured in Eco Glamazine June 2020 


Our June issue features mother, entrepreneur, philanthropist and author Sonya Driver. We celebrate her award winning organic beauty brand, the launch of her new Podcast and the recent release of her first book. 

eco glamazine 

JUNE 2020 

in this issue 

SONYA DRIVER In the Driver's Seat

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Our May cover features actress, dancer and mother Jenna Dewan

This special Mother's Day issue celebrates the magic of motherhood. We take a look at the new Celebrity Mums of 2020. 

eco glamazine 

MARCH 2020 

in this issue 


2020 Celebrity Mums 

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To celebrate Mother's Day this month, we're honouring three celebrity mums celebrating new bundles of joy this year. 

Jennifer Hawkins 

Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins welcomed her first child on October 17th, 2019. She announced the news by sharing a candid photo of herself lying in a hospital bed with her daughter Frankie resting her sleepy head on Jennifer's chest.

Jennifer: "Frankie Violet Hawkins Wall. Dream come true! So thankful to be holding our beautiful healthy baby girl! We couldn't be more in love." 


She first broke the exciting news, she was expecting a baby girl with hubby Jake Wall last May. The couple have been married since 2013. 

Jennifer: "Frankie Violet came into the world so quickly!! Healthy baby girl after a natural birth. Best day of my life." 


Jennifer recently celebrated her daughter's arrival with a cover photoshoot for Marie Claire magazine last month. In her candid interview she opens up about her fertility struggles revealing she experienced a heartbreaking miscarriage and was then diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis before Frankie was born. 

Jennifer: "There were moments when I honestly thought that I might not be able to have a baby. It was really difficult to even think that and I was scared to say it out loud." 

Last August Jennifer revealed in an exclusive interview with Stellar magazine, how her battle with endometriosis "almost broke" her.

Jennifer: "Last year was such a tough year for Jake and me. It was the toughest year of our lives. I felt like I almost broke and, in fact, it's still really raw. But Jake was amazing. He let me sit with the pain, feel it and not be OK."

Jennifer Hawkins | stellar

Hawkins 2 year struggle to conceive, was an opportunity for personal growth and the experience has brought her so much gratitude for Motherhood and her daughter Frankie. 

Jennifer: "It's the best thing I've ever done. I feel more content than I've ever been." 

For more mommy moments with Jennifer, follow @jenhawkins_ on Instagram.  

Jenna Dewan 

Actress and Dancer Jenna Dewan welcomed her second child, a baby boy with fiancé Steve Kazee on March 6, 2020. 

Jenna made the announcement on Instagram sharing a black and white photo of her and Callum captured moments after his birth via cesarean section. 

Jenna: "And just like that, our hearts exploded into all of eternity and beyond. Welcome to the world you little angel! Callum Michael Rebel Kazee 3/6/20." 

Jenna Dewan | PEOPLE

This is her first child with fiancé Steve Kazee. Jenna also shares a daughter, Everly with ex-husband Channing Tatum, who turns 7 on May 31st.  

The pair have been dating since 2018 and they announced their engagement in February after Steve popped the question at Jenna's baby shower. 

Jenna Dewan | PEOPLE

Earlier this month Jenna shared intimate photos of her son Callum with People magazine and explained the meaning behind her son's name. Callum means "Dove" in Gaelic "because he has been so sweet and peaceful since landing in our arms". Michael is Steve's middle name and "Rebel" was chosen in honour of his mother Reba. 

Steve Kazee: "I wanted a way to honour my mother. Her name was Reba but from a very young age her father called her Rebel." 

Jenna Dewan & Steve Kazee | PEOPLE

Jenna gave People magazine an exclusive look inside her dream Nursery for Callum, furnished by Pottery Barn Kids. 

Jenna: "It's bright, and it's comfy and it feels really warm in here. We wanted a calm, chic, neutral and Whimsical room to bring baby home to and they [Pottery Barn] delivered in every way."  

Jenna Dewan | PEOPLE

For more candid family moments, follow @jennadewan on Instagram. 

Shay Mitchell 

Pretty Little Liars actress & entrepreneur Shay Mitchell celebrated the birth of her first child, Atlas Noa on October 20th, 2019. 


The 33 year old millennial mum is adjusting to life with a new born with her partner, Candadian actor Matte Babel. 

Shay: "I've had to reprioritise my work time with her schedule, and that's been interesting for me. Before it was all about my schedule, now I work once she falls alseep." 

Shay connected with fellow mums on social media to make her transition into motherhood easier.  

Shay: "Being a new mum, it's all about supporting each other." 

Shay Mitchell | Béis Travel

Before Atlas was born, Shay was an avid traveller. With a Youtube channel devoted to capturing her best moments including her vacations, which she cleverly nicknames 'Shaycations'. Shay also launched her own line of travel essentials Béis which includes chic and stylish luggage. 

Shay: "After countless trips and #Shaycations, I realised that I wanted to create amazing, affordable pieces for travellers like myself and - in turn - everyone inspired to seek new places, meet new people and share the world." 

Shay Mitchell | Architectural Digest

In January Shay gave Architectural Digest an exclusive look into glamorous 1920's Los Angeles home. The Tour included her daughter's room which features Atas's bras crib and black and white pictures of her parents. 

Shay: "These are all the photos that we had taken over the years while travelling. It's always wonderful to have lovely people but also to have places that you've been to. Especially, with her name being Atlas, it goes hand in hand with all these places that she's been already without her knowing." 

Shay Mitchell | Architectural Digest

Follow Shay's adventures on Instagram @shaymitchell 

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Meet this month's featured Glamour Gal - blue eyed blonde bombshell Shawn Rene Zimmerman

In this exclusive interview we chat with Shawn Rene about her job as a personal trainer, her passion for fitness, football and family, and how she stays positive everyday. 

Shawn Rene is passionate about health, fitness and sports. She is a World Fitness Champion. Top 5 in the world to be exact. She is also a National Fitness Champion, Miss Teen Fitness USA, National Dance Team Champion and was the 3rd runner up in Miss Fitness America! 

Shawn Rene can you describe yourself in 5 words?

Shawn: "Passionate, Loving, positive, energetic, joyful."

Shawn Rene is a fitness expert with over 12 years experience in the fitness industry. She is a certified Personal Trainer, qualified Sports Medicine Specialist, Sports Nutritionist. Ms Zimmerman studied Sports Medicine and Personal training at the National Academy of Sports Medicine in USA. 

What do you love most about being a Personal Trainer? 

Shawn: "I love helping increase other quality of life, health, fitness, joy & well being!"

Shawn Rene is an international fitness cover model featured in the top fitness magazines including Muscle & Fitness magazine, Oxygen magazine, Fitness RX for Women and many more. She also has experience with fitness runway modelling including modelling for the Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic and has been featured as a Fitness Guest presenter at fitness shows and competitions. 

As a Fitness Expert, what's your favourite type of exercise or sport? 

Shawn: "My favourite sport is dance, track and football. I have a background in classical ballet, jazz dance and modern dance. My dance teacher was a NYC Juilliard Graduate, she was very tough and helped cultivate to bring out the best in you. My favourite sport to appreciate is all of them, but specifically football & bodybuilding. I grew up watching football with my dad and my favourite professor and advisor all through college is an NFL Sports Psychologist. I love the strong correlation between positive thinking, imagery, visualisation and positive outcome and winning. I love the science behind you actually wire your brain for success when you imagine yourself succeeding, performing your desired task as you visualise your desired outcome! I also love training on the football field! I love doing sprints, bleachers and speed and agility exercises. It is such an invigorating workout! You get to be outside in the fresh air, and training hard, giving it all you got! There are so many inspirational football coaches I like to read about and studied in college. As the great NFL coach Lombardi said, “Football is a great deal like life in that it teaches hard work, sacrifice, dedication perseverance, competitive drive, selflessness and respect.” 

Shawn Rene loves to dance with 13 years of intense dance training including classical ballet, hip-hop, jazz and modern dance. 

When it comes to exercise, Shawn Rene's favourite is total body that boosts the heart rate. 

Shawn: "My favourite type of exercise is total body peripheral heart action training. One great way to get the most out of your workout program design is to combine cardiovascular work with resistance training using a method called Peripheral Heart Action (PHA) Training. This method is similar to a circuit training method that keeps you moving from one exercise to another with minimal to no rest between exercises. However, with PHA training, while you are moving from one exercise to another, you are focusing on alternating upper and lower body exercises. This type of training is excellent for your heart & circulatory system. Some examples would be performing elevated lunges and super setting them with elevated push ups. Another example would be performing weighted squats and super setting with tricep kick backs. Football field sprints, super set with bleacher pushups. Another great exercise would be cable machine back rows with cable machine plié squats."

To increase the intensity of your workout, Shawn Rene recommends using a Fitness Ball. 

Shawn: "I also like to increase the difficulty of all of these exercises by putting myself and my clients on Bosu fitness ball. The bosu fitness ball I love to be creative with! It allows you to perform functional exercises and really amp up the challenge and increase your balance, core strength! Another Peripheral Heart Action (PHA) training exercise combo would be plyometric beach step ups super set with weighted dips. I also like to incorporate all of these elements into balance training, strength training, flexibility, cardiovascular all in one workout. Flexibility training and core strength are key components many people skimp on in training. Flexibility and core is essential for your posture and body alignment."

When it comes to exercising to lose weight, and keeping it off; your results can increase dramatically when exercise is combined with a well balanced diet. But what foods are the best, you ask?  We wanted to know more - so we asked Shawn Rene about her 5 favourite foods for good health. 

As a sports Nutritionist what are your 5 favourite foods for staying fit and healthy. 

Shawn: "There are so many healthy foods I eat and that are so important! My top 5 favourites are  blueberries, potatoes, almonds, organic meat and my favourite protein powder is an amazing brand, Orgain! Orgain was created by a Doctor who was looking for clean healthy nutritional shake. He formulated his own and I’m so impressed by it. It is not only protein whey or vegan they have both options! Their shakes also are well balanced with fruits & vegetables and it taste amazing! I drink 1-2 a day between training my clients. I love they have protein in powder form or to go shakes. I use the to go shakes daily. They are perfect for having a busy schedule and functionality. They keep me feeling healthy, balanced and properly fuelled up!"

Visit this link: and use the promo discount code SHAWNRENE for 30% off your first order and free shipping!  

When Shawn Rene isn't working she loves to travel the world and experience the rich artistic history of Europe. 

Can you tell us more about your travels through Europe? 

Shawn: "Italy is so outstandingly beautiful and my great grandmother is 100 percent Italian. I love the fact you can walk around town and grab such delicious fresh fruit! The lemons there are something I have never seen before. I saw the most beautiful lemon trees in Italy. I love the beautiful outdoor restaurant options with the  Italian music playing. I love the fact that the Italian culture is all about family. That is so important. 

The history you get to see when you walk through the streets of Italy is amazing. I love all of the precisely crafted artwork. Italy has seen some of the greatest painters of all time in its rich artistic history, especially when it was centre of European art during the Renaissance. It is definitely a beautiful sight to see Leonardo da Vinci and Michaelangelos art work in person. Very meaningful and historical. Besides the outstanding beauty of the country, I love the Italian open arms, friendly smiles, warm hearts and caring & cheerful disposition!" 

Do you have a favourite city or country to visit?

Shawn: "They are all unique and special in their own way! Favourite countries would be Aruba and Italy. I have been going to Aruba with my family (my mom, dad & brother) for many years. It feels like our second home. That island holds a very special place in our hearts! As they say one happy island! The water is the most beautiful water I have ever seen anywhere. They have the most beautiful beaches. The water literally is the most beautiful shade of soft aqua blue. The color itself makes you relax. The sand is so tranquil, soft and white. Some of my favourite things to do there are enjoying our favourite ocean front restaurants for family dinners. Creating family quality time is so important and is one of my favourite things! My family and I always start our day while in vacation in Aruba with a healthy breakfast, then all of us going to the gym together. I think it is very important for families to health conscious and be able to enjoy it together! I also always look forward to walking the beaches with my family. It is important to keep a balance in life with working hard and then taking time to refresh and relax."

Eco Glamazine empowers women through inspiring stories - Shawn Rene what inspires you to the most to live your best life? 

Shawn: "God and my dad and mom both inspire me to live my best life! We were all born with unique talents and gifts from God to live our best life. My Dad & Mom inspires me everyday. They are both very loving, thoughtful, wise, hard working and successful. They inspire me every day to live my best life! My dad is a successful business man and bodybuilding champion. He has taught me hard work and discipline. He inspires me every day and is so disciplined and driven. He balances hard work with family time. I have great memories growing up him and I would make homemade blueberry pancakes together. Making quality time with your family is so important! My mom is so thoughtful and caring I am so thankful for that. My dad and mom put family first and inspire me every day to live my best life."

If you follow Shawn Rene on Instagram (@shawnrenefit) you'll discover she's a positive ray of sunshine! We wanted to know how she stays so positive?  

How do you stay positive and motivated everyday? 

Shawn:  "I feel it is very important to stay positive and motivated every day. Every day is a gift from God and we are given it to live it to the fullest! I feel it is so important to take care of your health & others health. Your health is your greatest wealth! When we are healthy we have a heightened positive outlook on life and even more motivated! We accomplish so many more things when we feel great body, mind and spirit. It’s a very good feeling to make others feel better, healthier and happier. Our happiness increases when we make others happy. It’s a positive chain reaction!"

Shawn Rene shares some of her favourite mantras. 

One positive thought or positive outlook in the morning can change your whole day! 

Love to the full and live life to the fullest! 

Whoever is happy will make others happy too.
There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.

No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.

If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves.

Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present.

Some of Shawn Rene's favourite uplifting scriptures include: 

“The joy of the Lord is your strength.” - Nehemiah 8:10 

“These things have I spoken to you, that My joy may remain in you, and that your joy may be full.” - John 15:11

Shawn Rene is a ray of sunshine who instills her wisdom in the power of mental strength, positive thinking, precise vision, and pursing her passion with her on social media following. You can follow her adventures and uplifting posts on Instagram: @shawnrenefit 

Shawn Rene Zimmerman 

Official Website