Tuesday, January 14, 2020


Michelle Pfeiffer HENRY ROSE 

Michelle Pfeiffer refines fragrance. 

You don't have to sacrifice quality for safety with HENRY ROSE curated by Michelle Pfeiffer. Henry Rose is the first line of fine fragrances created with 100% ingredient transparency. 

Michelle: "I wanted to develop something that I could offer the consumer that was safer than anything that was on the market, 100% transparent in its ingredients, but that could absolutely compete with all of the other fine fragrances in the marketplace."

Michelle Pfeiffer

Fine fragrances have always been shrouded in secrets. Proprietary formulas sound romantic and intriguing, but the truth is, you have no idea what you're putting on your skin. Henry Rose is shaking things up and revealing the mystery.  

Michelle: "The mystery of the fragrance industry seems romantic and intriguing until you start asking questions. The truth is, the term “fragrance” is often used as a catch-all for thousands of under-regulated ingredients. Sure, this protects trade secrets, but it leaves everyone else in the dark. I learned this decades ago when I became a mom, and started looking at labels on the products I used. I couldn’t imagine exposing my children to anything potentially toxic on my skin, so I gave up fragrance altogether. But I really missed it and eventually realised that if I wanted a safer, beautiful quality perfume, I would need to create it myself." 

Michelle set out to create a transparent fine fragrance with 100% safe ingredients. 

Michelle: "It was a huge challenge for everyone, especially our perfumers. I was demanding the same level of mastery and quality as other fine fragrances, while also limiting the palette of ingredients that they typically formulate with from 3,000 to about 300."

After a lot of false starts, years of mixing and matching, with the help of a luxury fragrance house and Michelle's list of high quality ingredients she could trust, Henry Rose fine fragrances was born. 

Michelle: "These aren’t just the first fine fragrances to be both EWG Verified™ and Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Gold, they’ve also been spritzed, whiffed, and refined by my closest friends, family and complete strangers. Yes, you can - and should - dive into every single ingredient we used. Yes, you should experiment with our samples and find which fragrances make you feel your best. We’ve got nothing to hold back, no recipes to protect." 

Michelle founded Henry Rose fragrances, as a brand you can trust to be 100% transparent. These fine fragrances are cruelty free, with no paragons, no phthalates and no formaldehyde. The fragrance bottles feature a minimal chic and transparent design, with high standards inside and out. 

Henry Rose fragrances are also available in new travel-friendly rollerballs.  

Michelle: "I love Rollerballs. You can take them with you anywhere. You can buy them in sets of one, sets of two, or the wardrobe, which is a set of five - which gives you all of our Henry Rose scents, it's an amazing gift. And the duo, you're able to customise, with your favourite layering duo." 

Michelle curated a collection of high quality perfumes, with safety as her #1 focus, proving that quality doesn't need to be compromised to create luxury fragrance. 

Michelle: "I set out to see if it was possible to develop a line of fine fragrances proving you don’t need to sacrifice quality and sophistication for safety. And we did it!"

Shop Henry Rose fine fragrances at HenryRose.com.

Michelle:  "If there’s anything I’ve learned through this journey, it’s that real intrigue - the best kind of romance - comes when you have nothing to hide."


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