Monday, July 14, 2014


Ashley Hayman Blonde Bombshell 

So how do you become a blonde bombshell? Our Glamour Gal Ashley Hayman shows us how! Ashley is a health and fitness ambassador and part time model. She's a self confused "fitness freak" and an official model and brand ambassador for Australian Sports Nutrition. 

Being a Blonde Bombshell is about living a healthy, happy and active lifestyle! Oh and wearing luscious long blonde hair extensions helps too! 

Wayne Daniels Productions | Ashley is wearing Pleasure State 

"Being active and eating a clean diet of nourishing healthy foods not only makes you look your best, but feel your best. It gives you a glow and confidence, which is important in every day life but also in the modelling industry." - Ashley Hayman

Her favourite pre-workout supplement is Bombshell For Her available at Ashley's favourite flavour is tangy orange. Bombshell For Her is specifically designed for women. 

Ashley: "Bombshell for Her is my #1 choice. It's perfect for when you are feeling tired or a little sluggish after work! Instant energy hit with amazing taste. Bombshell contains a full serve of DIM to help with estrogen levels and stops us from holding excess water! Basically it's a girl's best friend." 

PREPARATION IS KEY. Long term goals > short term satisfaction 

Ashley loves an early morning walk/jog so fuelling her body before a workout or cardio session is a must! Ashley loves a morning smoothie and one of Ashley's five favourite foods is oats. Here she shares her warm winter breakfast recipe! 
  •  1/2 - 1 cup of wholegrain quick oats cooked in the microwave for 2 minutes with unsweetened almond milk. 
  • Ashley likes to add a tablespoon of chia seeds to the oats before cooking. 
  • Topped with some of her favourites - banana, strawberries, pepita seeds 
  • Add a sprinkle of ground cinnamon 

Ashley loves the 100% natural Almond Protein Bounce Balls. The Almond Protein Hit from Bounce contains the optimum balance of high quality protein and carbohydrates. With it's slow-releasing energy, this natural energy ball is the ideal food to help satisfy your hunger between meals. Each Bounce energy ball contains 12 grams of protein so it's fantastic pre or post workout. 

Ashley stays hydrated with H2 Coco Pure Coconut Water. Her favourite flavour is Pineapple. 

Move over Mind. Body. Soul in 2014 it's all about Mind Body and Saul (yes with an A - it's not a typo) It's a brand new social network to discuss health, fitness, food and lifestyle created by Australian Model and fitness lover Hannah Saul… And our Glamour Gal Ashley is a MBS Ambassador. 

Ashley: "Being healthy, happy and positive is very important to me, which is what Mind Body and Saul is all about. I love everything that the team aim to do, inspiring others is a big passion for mine and that is exactly what MBS is going to do. I am so excited to be an ambassador for Mind Body and Saul." 

Fit Girl. 
Ashley: "My love for health and fitness started at a young age. Growing up I was always very active. I played a lot of sport, took dance classes and became a cheerleader. Now, my exercise routine consists of weight training in the gym and early morning power walks/jogs."  

Wayne Daniels Productions | Ashley is wearing Lorna Jane

Ashley: "There is no 'Fast Diet' that I do to prepare for a shoot. I simply eat healthy and exercise regularly to stay fit and toned."

Long Luscious Locks
So what's the secret to Ashley's sexy bombshell tresses? Well it's simple; Hair Secrets. To add extra thickness and volume to her blonde mane, Ashley wears the 'Going Nude' clip in hair extension set by Hair Secrets.  "So in love with my Hair Secrets extensions. They don't shed any hair, the colour doesn't fade over time and they are amazing quality. I've had my hair extensions for over 2 years now and they are still as good as new!" 

"Everybody is beautiful in their own way.
When you are happy on the inside and out, that's all that matters." 
- Ashley Hayman 

Ashley Hayman