Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Gorgeously Green: Do It Gorgeously

Sophie Uliano Do it Gorgeously


This month's Wonder Woman article features green lifestyle expert Sophie Uliano. This New York Times best selling author, passionate environmentalist and eco-expert has published 3 eco-friendly books. 

Her Gorgeously Green book series features "Gorgeously Green - 8 Simple Steps to an Earth-Friendly Life" and "The Gorgeously Green Diet". Her latest book "Do It Gorgeously" features homemade and organic beauty recipes!  Sophie's Spicy Holiday Sugar Scrub is lots of fun to make and is a gorgeous gift to give this holiday season. 

SOPHIE ULIANO BOOKS | eco glamazine

This eco-savy wife and mother lives in Hollywood, California along with her maltese Phoebe. Sophie Uliano is a former yoga instructor before becoming Mrs Gorgeously Green; a guru of all things green & gorgeous! She is an eco-friendly living advocate and has a passion for non-toxic natural & organic beauty.  Sophie is a true healthy living ambassador and believes it's all about making small changes towards living a green lifestyle. 

Sophie: "I have to admit, I love shopping! I also adore getting my hair done, designer shoes, creamy lattes in paper cups and pedicures - I just do! So my passion is in creating a lifestyle where women like me can have their cake and eat it too. I have discovered that eco-friendly living isn't about having to "go without". Green living is about gain: losing weight, saving money, boosting your immune system, strengthening communities - the list goes on and on. There's also nothing greater than the thrill of knowing as you buy your beautiful non-toxic nail polish, that you are helping to make a difference."

For eco-friendly home ideas and do-it-yourself beauty tips, we suggest watching Sophie's Gorgeously Green videos on Youtube.com. Sophie shares many of her DIY beauty recipes as featured in her best selling GG books with step by step instructional videos. She inspires and educates her viewers how to live A Simply Gorgeously Life, sharing her passion for the planet and living green! 

Sophie's website GorgeouslyGreen.com features eco-friendly articles about fashion, beauty, travel, food, home, garden, health & fitness.  This amazing blog style website is perfect for eco chicks who want to learn more about embracing a healthy green lifestyle. 

Follow Sophie on Twitter for daily eco-friendly lifestyle and beauty tips. And be sure to Like Gorgeously Green on Facebook for all the latest earth-friendly articles from Sophie & her Gorgeously Green Dream Team.

If your a girl on the go, you will love Sophie's green iphone apps for eco-friendly tips right at your fingertips.  The Gorgeously Green Survival Guide (99 cents) is a quick reference eco-guide featuring money saving environmental tips and easy to follow earth friendly lists. The new Do It Gorgeously app (free) is a series of Sophie's How To videos about beauty, pets, food and eco home tips. 

Sophie: "Clueless is out and crafty is in! It makes sense, common sense doing it yourself and doing it gorgeously is exhilarating and fun!"  

Sophie Uliano's new book Do It Gorgeously features do-it-yourself non toxic eco-friendly beauty & home recipes. From luxurious face creams to organic dog treats using beautiful and natural ingredients. Perfect for the eco-loving Glamour Gal on a budget, this book is one of our favourite eco beauty guides! 

Sophie Uliano 

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This article is featured in Eco Glamazine November 2011.