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DEMI LOVATO: Confident

DEMI LOVATO Confident 

Way back when (our very first Eco Glamazine issue to be exact) we featured pop princess Demi Lovato and her transition from Disney to Diva. This story is our #2 most read article on Eco Glamazine. 

Five years later Demi is still one of pop music's most popular singer, songwriters with over 56 million Instagram followers and 37 million Facebook fans! This Wonder Woman has transformed from a child star to a beautiful and confident young woman. 

Her latest studio album, the Grammy nominated Confident is available now and features her anthem Cool for the Summer and the edgy title track Confident. 

Her new found self confidence comes from Demi's body acceptance and self-love after suffering many years ago from depression and body issues.

"Feeling better than I've ever felt. It's all about self love. Tell yourself you're beautiful daily. Be gentle with yourself. Eat carbs without guilt and remember that life is too short to worry about what others think!"  

Demi is a body positivity and mental health advocate and has struggled with self-harm, eating disorders and bipolar. Ms Lovato floods her social media with self love and positive body images to encourage others to love their bodies just the way they are. 

"Every day you have the chance to turn it all around. Take care of your body and mind, and it will take care of you back." 

Demi uses her fame as an opportunity to speak out about living with mental health. 

"So many of my fans are dealing with mental illness, whether it's depression or bipolar disorder or even schizophrenia. I have fans that deal with all sorts of mental illness, so this is very important to them. If you know someone or if you're dealing with it yourself, just know that it is possible to live well. It's not something where you see a therapist once or you see your psychiatrist once, it's something you maintain to make sure that you want to live with mental illness. You have to take care of yourself." 

"I think that women who know they are, are beautiful." 

Not only is Demi a positive role model to her fans she was recently included in Time magazine's 100 Most Influential People of 2017. 

Arianna Huffington explains why Demi landed on this year's list: 

Arianna: "It seems like Demi Lovato has already led many lives. The singer, songwriter, actor and activist, who made her acting debut at age 8, has done so much, and been through so much, that it’s hard to believe she’s still only 24. But she hasn’t just grown up—she has grown in wisdom. Now Demi is using her hard-won wisdom to benefit others. After being diagnosed with bipolar disorder, instead of hiding it she partnered with Be Vocal, a campaign devoted to getting people to speak up about mental illness and the stigma around it. She has also been a public role model, unashamedly chronicling her struggles with substance abuse (she is now five years sober) and eating disorders. And having been bullied as a child, Demi has taken up the cause to protect other children. Demi Lovato is a remarkably talented artist and performer. But her courage, honesty and willingness to use her own experiences to help others are what make her a true star." 

Demi Lovato in Allure photographed by Alexi Lubomirski

Last year Demi told Allure magazine that she feels confident in her own skin. 

"I've never felt as confident in my skin as I do today. A year ago, on tour, almost every inch of my body was covered by clothing, and it was because I was hiding behind so many layers. Once I started feeling better about myself, I felt better about showing more skin." 

Demi Lovato recently shared some #nomakeup moments with her followers, including this fresh faced photo which she simply captioned "No makeup, just freckles." 

No makeup, just freckles. 

So, what's Demi's solution for naturally clear skin? Her own skincare brand DEVONNE by Demi. DEVONNE skin care line created by Demi and her team of beauty experts brings out the best possible version of your skin with natural botanicals and marine extracts. 

For Demi, skincare is self-care and priming her freckles is just as nourishing for her mind as it is her body. It is an act of self-worthiness and a vehicle on the road to longterm love. 

Demi knows the importance of a good skincare routine and it's the secret to her beautiful clear complexion. She co-created the Lovato Treatment Scholarship which covers expenses for people struggling with mental health and/or addiction issues. A percentage of DEVONNE by Demi profits is donated to support this important cause because Demi is a strong minded woman and she puts her money where her mouth is. 


So gals, let's take a leaf out of Demi's book. Let's be more positive about our bodies. Let's be confident and embrace our curves. Let's eat carbs without guilt. It's all about self-love and taking care of yourself, everyday. 

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