Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Eco Photo A Day Challenge: August 2013

Eco Photo A Day 
AUGUST 2013 

Hello {almost} August! Eco Glamazine presents the first #EcoPhotoADay challenge. There is thousands of #photoaday images on instagram, so it's crystal clear that people love sharing photos everyday and completing these fun photo-a-day challenges. Eco Glamazine thought it would be fun to create a new eco inspired photo-a-day challenge for our readers. You can play along it's simple and lots of fun! 

How to Play: 
  • Check out the August Eco Photo A Day list. (Save the list to your desktop or iphone)
  • Each day look at the daily word prompt and take/find a photo according to whatever the prompt is. For example for day 3 the prompt is "nature", so you could take a photo of a tree, the beach, a sunset etc. Whatever you like that you think best represents that word prompt. 
  • Once you have taken or found your photo it's time to share it. You can share online via twitter, Facebook and instagram. See below (where to play).  
  • Check out other people's photos. Search the #ecophotoaday hash tag on instagram.

Where to Play: 

There are lots of places online you can share your photos using the tag #ecophotoaday. 
  • Instagram: Just upload your photo, add a filter if you like, add a caption and the hashtag #ecophotoaday and then share! 
  • Facebook: You can share your photos each day with your friends. Facebook has hashtags now so don't forget to add the hashtag #ecophotoaday to your photo's description. You can also post your photos on our Facebook page. Facebook.com/EcoGlamazine
  • Twitter: You can share your photos on twitter by adding the photo to your tweet and adding the hashtag #ecophotoaday. Easy! 
  • Blog: If you have a blog you can share your photos every day or each week or do a wrap of all the photos at the end of the month. 
  • Tumblr: Add your daily photos to your tumblr feed. 
  • Flickr: This is a great way to share your photos. Download the Flickr app or share via Flickr.com. 
  • Pinterest: Create a board for the eco photo a day & upload your photos as pins to your board. Add the hashtag #ecophotoaday so we can find your photos! 
Theres no rules when playing along with our new Eco Photo-a-Day challenge, you can be as creative as you like. If you need some inspiration for your photos you can search our blog or browse our website. You will find lots of photos to match the daily word prompts. 

August Eco Photo A Day List: 

1. August 
2. #FitnessFriday
3. Nature 
4. Eco Angel 
5. #MotivationMonday 
6. Animal 
7. Eco Glam
8. Beauty
9. Glamour Gal 
10. Eco Friendly 
11. Vegan Vixen
12. Natural
13. Beautiful 
14. #WonderWoman
15. Cruelty-Free Beauty
16. Fit Girl 
17. Summer Goddess
18. Inspiration
19. Love
20. The Kind Life
21. Skincare Secret
22. Two of a Kind
23. Quote 
24. Dream Diva
25. Eco Ambassador 
26. Love Her Hair 
27. She Inspires 
28. Perfect Product 
29. #ThrowbackThursday 
30. Beach Beauty 
31. Spring 

Have fun taking, finding and sharing your photos each day. Don't forget to add the hashtag #ecophotoaday. We look forward to seeing your photos.  Enjoy!