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JESSICA ALBA: Honest Beauty


To celebrate Jessica's 36th birthday this month we're breaking down her Honest Beauty routine. 

You may know our Eco Angel Jessica Alba from her films Into The Blue, Fantastic Four and Sin City. But did you know Ms Alba is worth a cool $340 bucks? Jessica became a billion dollar business babe after starting her Honest company in January 2012 which produces natural, non-toxic household goods, baby products and body care.

Jessica: "We created the Honest Company because we had too. We had to make it easy for parents to buy safe products for their families." 

With no formal business training and no college education Jessica co-founded The Honest Company - "a real life unicorn", a term reserved for start-ups valued at $1 billion or higher. Today, The Honest Company is valued at $1.7 Billion! In 2015 Jessica launched Honest Beauty with 17 skin care products and 66 makeup items. Most recently Honest Beauty hit the selves of Target stores across the US. 

Honest Beauty products feature advanced formulas with breakthrough botanicals, all made without parabens, talc, and synthetic fragrances.  Honest Beauty products are non-toxic, eco-friendly and cruelty-free. Honest Beauty creates a fresh, radiant and flawless finish you'll love. Their on a mission to make you look as good as you feel... And that's honestly beautiful.  

Jessica Alba formulating Honest Beauty

It takes 18 months to develop each Honest product. Jessica recently explained the Honest Beauty product development to Allure magazine. 

Jessica: "We don't own our own factories. We find best-in-class manufacturers, and then I go work with their chemists to create our formulas, or we make our formulas in-house. It's a very rigorous process of quality assurance and quality control. We have a sourcing department. We have a product-development and R&D department - those are the chemists. And then the product development creative is on my side. So I say, "It needs to feel like this; it needs to smell like this; it needs to perform like that; it should be delivered in this type of package." And then I work with the creative-marketing team. It takes about 18 months to make it and to test it. And then I work with my retail team and online team so the product feels exactly the same online as it does [on a shelf]."

Jessica Alba in Madame Figaro | Makeup by Daniel Martin

Jessica's signature "no makeup" look is fresh, youthful and it's all Honest Beauty! Re-create her look using Honest Beauty products:
  • Cream Foundation in Camel
  • Concealer Duo in Disappearing Dune
  • Invisible Blurring Powder, Contour + Highlight Kit
  • Magic Balm (to highlight!)
  • Brow Filler in Rich Brunette
  • Eyeshadow Trio in Soft Sand
  • True Velvet Eyeliner in Cocoa
  • Truly Lush Mascara + Lash Primer
  • Blossom Kiss Lip Crayon
  • Dreamy Kiss gloss
Jessica's look was created by celebrity Makeup Artist and Honest Beauty creative colour consultant Daniel Martin. 

Jessica: "I love this mascara: You use the primer on your upper lashes, and then while that's drying, you do your lowers and then coat each with the mascara. No smudges or mascara dust."

Jessica wearing Honest Beauty Falling For You Makeup Palette 

Jessica knows that “beauty starts from the inside out.” She recently shared her diet and exercise secrets with Shape Magazine during her latest cover photoshoot. 

Jessica: “I love my shape because it does what I want it to. If I want to go on a hike or a bike ride or go for a swim, I know my body will do everything I tell it to. I also appreciate that I can push myself through when I’m feeling tired. There’s always a little extra something to get me past the tired moments.”

Jessica Alba | SHAPE magazine

Jessica: “With exercise, I get a little more toned and I definitely feel stronger, but my diet is much more important if I’m trying to slim down. In that case, I usually don’t eat gluten, dairy, fried foods or processed foods. I try to stick to a diet that’s low in sugar and carbs and high in lean protein and vegetables.”

The latest Honest Company endeavour is Jessica's new range of Honest Hair Care which launched last August and features pro hair formulas with breakthrough botanicals designed to tame the most demanding locks. 


Honest Beauty didn't become a billion dollar business overnight. Jessica worked hard and lead an incredible team to build Honest into the company it is today. The 340 million dollar girl boss says it's all about the hustle. 
Jessica: "A, I'm a hustler. B, I've been working since I was, like, 12. I've lived all over the world; I've worked all over the world with adults and seen all these different dynamics. I've been part of a lot of businesses' marketing strategies, and I see how they utilize someone like me. I love learning. I'm a sponge. I haven't lost my thirst and desire to learn. Every day is different, and I'm working toward something that I feel really good about. So it's super gratifying."
So take note girls, work hard and hustle and remember to always be beautifully honest. 

Jessica Alba

Instagram: @jessicaalba
Twitter: @jessicaalba


Instagram: @honest_beauty

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WONDER WOMAN: Hollie Piper

HOLLIE PIPER Zealous Swimwear 

Every once in a while we are inspired by a kick-ass female with business super powers who is strong and successful. She is fearless, confident and doesn't take no for an answer. Hollie Piper, founder of Zealous Swimwear is one super Girl Boss and our newest Wonder Woman

In this exclusive interview with Eco Glamazine, business babe Hollie Piper shares her passion for Zealous Swimwear and her secret to staying motivated in business.  

Hollie Piper is a born and bred Queenslander, wife and mother of two. She is super creative and began her working career at the age of 18 as an Internationally commissioned Illustrator. Growing up the sunshine state Hollie loved water sports and took full advantage of the swimming culture and Queensland lifestyle. 

Hollie combined her skills in pencil illustration, digital graphics and conceptual art with her love of sports and swimming to create Zealous Swimwear; a brand that truly reflects her beliefs and creative style. 

Zealous Swimwear was established in 2012 with the dream to inspire young athletes to be the best they can be. Passion, drive and the will to succeed is that Zealous is all about. 

This unique Aussie brand was developed with a team (lead by Hollie) of Australian elite athletes, designers, textile specialist and machinists. Zealous aims to provide a garment that allows athletes to be themselves and feel comfortable in their own skin. 

Sounds pretty impressive huh? We think so! 

Australian Swimmer Jessica Hobbin wearing Zealous Swimwear

What does “Zealous” mean?

ZEAL·OUS / ‘zeles / adj: To be consumed by intense enthusiasm or zeal. inspired by an active interest or passion

The Zealous brand concept "strength, courage, inspire" is the inspiration behind every garment. Zealous swimsuits are produced with high grade polyester fabric and designed by Hollie using unique, vibrant and colourful artwork. 

As the woman behind the brand, can you tell us more about Zealous Swimwear? 

Hollie: I created Zealous Swimwear with the dream to inspire young athletes to be the best they can be. I developed my unique brand using an expert team of Australian elite athletes, designers, textile specialists, and machinists.

I wanted the brand to embody the notion of passion, drive and the will to succeed in all endeavours. As a brand, Zealous aims to provide a garment that allows athletes to be themselves and feel comfortable in their own skin. We seek to inspire greatness and confidence in athletes around the world by providing an active swimsuit that is durable, fashionable and 100% Australian owned.

Every Zealous Swimsuit is high quality, Australian made, long lasting and designed with training and pro athletes in mind. Zealous is designed and produced for the sole purpose of frequent training in chlorinated and salt water, and designed specifically for an athletic figure. For this reason it's the swimwear choice of Australia's best athletes including Olympics, Commonwealth Games, Pan Pacific Games and World Championship Swimmers. 

Australian Pro Althlete Flick Abram wearing Zealous Swimwear 

As the key Designer of Zealous Swimwear, what inspires you to create your unique and vibrant designs? 

Hollie: I draw my inspiration from everything around me. From where I've travel to my favourite movies, music or dream destinations. I love exploring new themes, colours and print textures each season. 

Hollie, what's a typical work day like?

Hollie: I always start my day with coffee, while I check all social accounts and browse my email. I usually settle into work around 7:30 and start by knocking off any admin required, such as processing orders and accounts. Then I start on emails and get any quotes, customer service emails and general enquiries covered off. From there I usually split my days between doing team wear, stock management and social media.

Hollie Piper, Zealous Swimwear owner 

Running a successful brand is a full time job... Add in motherhood and marriage, life can get pretty busy. So what's Hollie's secret to staying on top of her mommy duties and balancing work? The "4am hustle" of course and "no work after 6pm".   

How do you stay motivated and on track everyday? 

Hollie: I'm a list maker and I have a lot of apps and plugins for my computer and phone to help me stay on track with follow-ups, tasks, production and social media. I also work in bulk, which basically means instead of doing one of something I'll bank up several at a time. For example, I'll do a week to a months worth of social media posts in one hit, instead of just scheduling the posts for that day. I'm also partial to the 4am hustle which helps me cover off more work per week.

Being a wife, mother, and business owner - how do you balance work and family? 

Hollie: Up until recently, I was a FIFO wife which meant I had to stay on track with my time on the weeks my husband would be away. This is also why I get up at 4 some mornings to get those hours in that I'll miss while I'm running the kids school and sports. It means I can enjoy watching them do their activity and we aren't so rushed at pick up/drop off times. We try to meal prep for the week ahead so it saves me time in the evenings, which is very helpful, plus I don't really like cooking. I have a no work rule after 6pm and Friday's is my "down day" which is basically my day to do as I choose. I usually just do emails that day and do some cleaning, groceries, and laundry. Then my weekend is somewhat free to relax with my family and get ready for the next busy week. 

Hollie & Sean Piper | Stephanie Bowers Photography

What’s your best business tip for women running their own business? 

Hollie: Spend more time on your business rather than in your business. Don't get caught up with the running of day to day things, spend time on improving and growing your business. 

Hollie Piper | Stephanie Bowers Photography

Being the founder, managing director and textile designer behind Zealous, Hollie has created one of Australia's best Swimwear brands. Not only does she design each piece of Zealous Swimwear, she runs a successful online store (shopzealous.comand manages the brand's social media channels. When it comes to business Hollie is organised, driven, motivated and most of all passionate about inspiring athletes to be the best they can be with Zealous Swimwear. 

Girls take note, Hollie Piper is one zealous woman and our newest Wonder Woman. Follow Hollie's adventures on Instagram and be sure to follow her brand Zealous Swimwear. 

Hollie Piper 

Instagram: @hollie.piper

Zealous Swimwear 


Instagram: @zealous_swim




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DEMI LOVATO: Confident

DEMI LOVATO Confident 

Way back when (our very first Eco Glamazine issue to be exact) we featured pop princess Demi Lovato and her transition from Disney to Diva. This story is our #2 most read article on Eco Glamazine. 

Five years later Demi is still one of pop music's most popular singer, songwriters with over 56 million Instagram followers and 37 million Facebook fans! This Wonder Woman has transformed from a child star to a beautiful and confident young woman. 

Her latest studio album, the Grammy nominated Confident is available now and features her anthem Cool for the Summer and the edgy title track Confident. 

Her new found self confidence comes from Demi's body acceptance and self-love after suffering many years ago from depression and body issues.

"Feeling better than I've ever felt. It's all about self love. Tell yourself you're beautiful daily. Be gentle with yourself. Eat carbs without guilt and remember that life is too short to worry about what others think!"  

Demi is a body positivity and mental health advocate and has struggled with self-harm, eating disorders and bipolar. Ms Lovato floods her social media with self love and positive body images to encourage others to love their bodies just the way they are. 

"Every day you have the chance to turn it all around. Take care of your body and mind, and it will take care of you back." 

Demi uses her fame as an opportunity to speak out about living with mental health. 

"So many of my fans are dealing with mental illness, whether it's depression or bipolar disorder or even schizophrenia. I have fans that deal with all sorts of mental illness, so this is very important to them. If you know someone or if you're dealing with it yourself, just know that it is possible to live well. It's not something where you see a therapist once or you see your psychiatrist once, it's something you maintain to make sure that you want to live with mental illness. You have to take care of yourself." 

"I think that women who know they are, are beautiful." 

Not only is Demi a positive role model to her fans she was recently included in Time magazine's 100 Most Influential People of 2017. 

Arianna Huffington explains why Demi landed on this year's list: 

Arianna: "It seems like Demi Lovato has already led many lives. The singer, songwriter, actor and activist, who made her acting debut at age 8, has done so much, and been through so much, that it’s hard to believe she’s still only 24. But she hasn’t just grown up—she has grown in wisdom. Now Demi is using her hard-won wisdom to benefit others. After being diagnosed with bipolar disorder, instead of hiding it she partnered with Be Vocal, a campaign devoted to getting people to speak up about mental illness and the stigma around it. She has also been a public role model, unashamedly chronicling her struggles with substance abuse (she is now five years sober) and eating disorders. And having been bullied as a child, Demi has taken up the cause to protect other children. Demi Lovato is a remarkably talented artist and performer. But her courage, honesty and willingness to use her own experiences to help others are what make her a true star." 

Demi Lovato in Allure photographed by Alexi Lubomirski

Last year Demi told Allure magazine that she feels confident in her own skin. 

"I've never felt as confident in my skin as I do today. A year ago, on tour, almost every inch of my body was covered by clothing, and it was because I was hiding behind so many layers. Once I started feeling better about myself, I felt better about showing more skin." 

Demi Lovato recently shared some #nomakeup moments with her followers, including this fresh faced photo which she simply captioned "No makeup, just freckles." 

No makeup, just freckles. 

So, what's Demi's solution for naturally clear skin? Her own skincare brand DEVONNE by Demi. DEVONNE skin care line created by Demi and her team of beauty experts brings out the best possible version of your skin with natural botanicals and marine extracts. 

For Demi, skincare is self-care and priming her freckles is just as nourishing for her mind as it is her body. It is an act of self-worthiness and a vehicle on the road to longterm love. 

Demi knows the importance of a good skincare routine and it's the secret to her beautiful clear complexion. She co-created the Lovato Treatment Scholarship which covers expenses for people struggling with mental health and/or addiction issues. A percentage of DEVONNE by Demi profits is donated to support this important cause because Demi is a strong minded woman and she puts her money where her mouth is. 


So gals, let's take a leaf out of Demi's book. Let's be more positive about our bodies. Let's be confident and embrace our curves. Let's eat carbs without guilt. It's all about self-love and taking care of yourself, everyday. 

Demi Lovato 

Instagram: @ddlovato
Twitter: @ddlovato

DEVONNE by Demi:


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Our April 2017 cover features wild flower Drew Barrymore

In this issue Eco Angel Jessica Alba shares her Honest Beauty tips and Flower Beauty founder Drew Barrymore teaches us how to love the way we look with her cruelty free cosmetics. 

Eco Glamazine April 2017

  • COVER STORY: Drew Barrymore. Wild Flower. 
  • BEAUTY: Jessica Alba. Honest Beauty. read article
  • WONDER WOMAN: Hollie Piper. Zealous Swimwear. read article
  • BEAUTY: Demi Lovato. Confident. read article

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AUSSIE ANGEL: Samantha Jade

SAMANTHA JADE  Aussie Angel 

This month's featured cover girl is singer, actress and songwriter Samantha Jade

California Dreaming.
This Aussie Angel became a household name winning the 4th season of The X Factor Australia in 2012. Samantha became the first woman to win the series and her winner's single What You've Done to Me debuted at #1 on the ARIA charts! 

Samantha is much more that just a reality star, she is an accomplished songwriter and has written songs for JoJo and Ashley Tisdale. Before she won the X Factor crown Samantha sang the title track and theme song for the 2006 film Step Up. In 2004 she moved to California and signed a record deal with JIVE Records. At the time she was songwriting, singing back up vocals and working on her debut album My Name is Samantha Jade. She released her second single Turn Around in 2007. However Jade was later dropped by her record label, Jive Records. 

Samantha: "I moved to LA when I was 16 and started over there. I got signed to a label called Jive Records who had Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake... everyone you aspired to be as a pop star. I was signed there for four years, made a record, so about five albums, and none ever came out – it didn’t work out for me. So that was a tough time and I just needed to come home – I needed a bit of Australia. I needed realness, my mum, my friends – I was extremely homesick. So I moved home to Perth and worked for my dad."

Samantha returned to Australia and her home state of Perth and pursued her music career. But after releasing her third single Secret the song failed to chart well. "There was a time I couldn’t even listen to the radio, I hated music – LA killed my soul."

Deflated but not defeated she moved to Sydney and worked in a makeup store while still doing some gigs. Samantha almost gave up on her dream, but then a few years later the 25 year old stood in line for The X Factor auditions. And lucky she did, because after her big win Samantha became Australia's new Pop Princess with 5 smash hit singles What You've Done To Me,  Firestarter, Solider, Up! and Sweet Talk

Samantha: "Winning X-Factor was a lot for me because I had done so much in the States; I’d worked with all these big producers, I’d written songs for all these big people and to really come back down and just sing – I found love for it again." 

Samantha Jade as Kita in Beneath the Blue (2010)

Samantha made her acting debut in 2010 film Beneath the Blue as Kita. This little known American film about a dolphin was Samantha's first acting role. 4 years later Jade returned to acting and transformed into Aussie icon Kylie Minogue for her first TV role in the channel 7 mini-series INXS: Never Tear Us Apart

Samantha: "I got to the audition and thought Oh God, I’m not going to get this… And then I got it! Playing someone [Kylie] who you admire and who is loved here was pressure – I thought, I better not stuff this up."

Samantha as Kylie Minogue in INXS: Never Tear Us Apart

Jade returned to channel 7 in March 2016 with a guest starring role on the Aussie soap Home and Away as "bad girl" Isla Schultz. 

Samantha: "I'm always asked when I will do more acting and now I am saying yes, I am coming to the Bay. I've wanted to do more acting and I wanted to do something unexpected and different and this is very different to Kylie (Minogue). Home and Away was really fun." 

Jade took a break from the spotlight in 2014 to be with her family after the passing of her mother Jacqui. 

Samantha: "My mum. She'll always be my inspiration. Just with everything she went through, she had a bit of a trot towards the end, and she stay positive. I've never seen anyone be such a light in such a dark time, it was incredible to see."  

Working nine to five. 
Fans had patiently waited 3 years for Samantha's second album and with her debut album simply titled Nine in 2015. She teamed up with rapper Pit Bull for the album's first single Shake That. This album showcases her original songs and her talent as a songwriter with catchy uptempo tracks and beautiful ballads. Samantha's second single Always featured a steamy music video with her Home & Away co-star Nic Westaway. 

Samantha Jade and Nic Westaway

Live. Sparkle. Shine.
In 2016 Samantha swapped her microphone for a makeup brush to collaborate with Aussie makeup brand Models Prefer and released her official makeup line. 

Samantha: "Before I was a singer I was actually a Makeup Artist, so I have always had a keen interest in makeup and have dreamt of my own line for many years. I really wanted to create something that was high quality but affordable, so I approached Models Prefer, which is Priceline Pharmacy's own brand. And after months of hard work, here we are!"  

Samantha's new 7 piece collection is available exclusively to Priceline stores in Australia. The range features some of Samantha's makeup must haves including Strobing and Contour Palettes, Brow Kit, Nude Eyeshadow Palette, Duo Matte Lipstick Set, Essentials Brush Kit and Liquid Precision Eyeliner. Live, sparkle and shine with the new Samantha Jade for Model Prefer makeup collection

Samantha Jade for Models Prefer

Samantha: "I worked at The Makeup Store for about six months and I used to do makeovers on people all the time! So I learnt so much, I was kind of like a makeup artist and did a few a little jobs here and there. I love makeup – I just love it! Everyday I do all my friends makeup; before dates I do their makeup, before my shows I do my dancers’ makeup. A lot of the time I do my own makeup, too." 

Photo: Peter Brew-Bevan

"I love makeup - I just love it." - Samantha Jade

Samantha: "I love the idea of making someone feel beautiful, and I love that you can do that through makeup. It might sound materialistic but it's not, because it makes people feel beautiful on the inside." 

Being a self confessed makeup lover, Jade "loves a dramatic look - but not for an everyday look."  So what's her everyday makeup essentials? Samantha shares her favourites:

Samantha: "Everyday I’ll wear a little bit of foundation. I use a few different foundations, MAC’s always a goodie. Then I’ll always curl my lashes because they’re dead straight, then Diorshow and and then curl again six times. They’re so heavy they just wilt. I always use MAC Strip Down Lip Liner and my Nars Belle De Jour Lipstick everyday."

Sweet Talk. 
So how does Samantha stay in shape? Well, performing on stage burns calories but Jade admits that she doesn't exercise and has a sweet tooth. 

Samantha: "I have an extreme sweet tooth – I love sweets! I don't follow any diets and don't do any exercise - I'm sorry!  I dance though, and I do eat healthy. I’m singing and dancing so it’s a lot – that heart rate is up! I eat a good amount of red meat and I love my chicken, and I eat small portions. My typical day is avocado on toast with cayenne pepper, lunch maybe chicken with rice and chilli, and then night time probably soup or something with rice again."

Photos: Beauticate

So what's up next for Samantha Jade? She's writing and recording her third album in Europe and touring this April and May with Boyzlife. 

Whether she is songwriting, singing, dancing, acting or applying makeup, Samantha Jade is a superstar and one truly talented lady. 

Samantha Jade

Facebook: Samantha Jade
Instagram: @samantha_jade_music 
Twitter: @sjademusic

This cover story features in our February 2017 Eco Glamazine. 

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