Tuesday, September 25, 2012

GLAMOUR GAL: Kristie Jane McKeon

Kristie Jane California Dreaming

GLAMOUR GAL September 2012 

For our very special 1 year anniversary issue our Glamour Gal this month is international model Kristie Jane. In our exclusive interview, Kristie shares her favourite healthy foods, her passion for UFC and how she stays in shape for her job as a model. 

First of all thank you for being our featured Glamour Gal for our very special 1 year anniversary issue of Eco Glamazine. Kristie what makes you feel most glamorous? 

Kristie: "No thank you! I'm very honoured to be apart of it, congrats on being 1 year young! I feel most glamorous when I'm getting ready to go out somewhere nice. I love getting dressed up and I love getting all dolled up so when I'm finally finished doing hair and makeup and I'm still in my robe, I feel super glamorous!" 

Kristie has always had a passion for modelling even from a young age, growing up on the central coast of Australia. She started modelling when she was just 17 years old, from print to fashion to fitness and runway. Now at the age of 22, this gorgeous Aussie blonde bombshell is pursuing her modelling career in San Diego, California. 

Kristie features in lingerie campaigns for Bras 'N' Things Australia and Just Sexy Lingerie. She also recently shot new campaign images with fellow Glamour Gal Sheridyn Fisher for the new range of Sheridyn Swim. A fresh and exciting new Australian swimwear range designed by one of Australia's leading swimwear and glamour models, Sheridyn Fisher. The new "Marilyn" collection will be available soon at SheridynSwim.com.au. The new collection campaign includes stunning new images of Kristie and Sheridyn. 

Kristie what was it like shooting the new Sheridyn Swim campaign images with Sheridyn?

Kristie: "I love shooting with Sheridyn, she's a great friend to me and also a very beautiful and talented girl. She makes the set fun and we just muck around while still getting work done. I also love Sheridyn Swim, it's a great brand and the Swimwear pieces make you feel glam at the beach." 


Whether it's lingerie, swimwear or fitness photo shoots, Kristie's passion for modelling shines through her stunning photos. She loves staying active and enjoys most sports. Kristie was recently chosen as the 2012 Australian Octagon Girl for the UFC Ultimate Fighter Series. 

When your not modelling, what are some of your favourite leisure activities? 

Kristie: "I love surfing! My dad taught me to surf when I was 7 years old on a trip to Fiji and I've done it every now and then ever since. I love being out in nature it really helps me relax. In saying that I also love action sports. I love my Motorcross bike back in the USA and I love watching MMA, particularly the UFC."


Being an international model obviously staying in shape is very important to you. Can you share with our readers which exercises and activities you enjoy to stay fit & healthy? 

Kristie: "I am actually blessed that I have always grown up being an active child, I used to love and play all kinds of sports and go gymnastics so I think it's still in my blood to train almost everyday. I usually like to train six days a week and eat really clean and healthy. In terms of what I actually do at the gym, I usually do a fair bit of cardio and weights but I also like to mix it up with a few martial arts like Muay Thai and Boxing which are great to keep your mind active and change it up so you don't get stuck in a rut, punching and kicking bags. It also helps me relieve stress."

We know diet plays a key role in maintaining a fit healthy body - What are your five favourite healthy foods? 

Kristie: I eat really clean and healthy for six days a week then on Sundays I usually let myself relax a little. My five favourite foods would have to be: 
  • Fresh Coconuts ~ They are so great for rehydrating after a big workout and they make you feel so refreshed plus they are super tasty too. 
  • Broccoli ~ It's full of vitamin C & E and fibre. Cooked in with stir fry it's delish! 
  • Eggs ~ Because they're full of protein which helps build and recover muscles.
  • Carrots - I love carrots in salads and stir fys plus they are so quick and easy to grab as a quick snack on the run. 
  • Oats ~ A small bowl of oats are great of a morning to give me that bit of energy to get up and get out, they are great for your heart and cholesterol. 


Kristie do you have someone who inspires you? Someone you consider to be a positive role model? 

Kristie: "My dad inspires me everyday! He is such a strong, inspiring person I have grown up looking up to him and always will."

We hope you have enjoyed our exclusive interview with this month's Glamour Gal Miss Kristie Jane. Follow Kristie's journey and her adventures as a UFC Octagon Girl on Instagram. 

Instagram: Instagram.com/kristiejpearson