Saturday, September 29, 2012

TOM ORGANIC: Body Soul Planet

TOM Organic
body. soul. planet.

The demand for organic personal hygiene is slowly increasing with women looking for more natural and safe options for their daily beauty routine. From hair care to toothpaste, soap, deodorant and even tampons. You maybe surprised to learn that many of your favourite beauty products, from your bathroom cabinet at home are filled with chemicals and synthetics! These nasty ingredients (some even toxic) can be harmful if applied on your skin everyday. So the demand for organic, eco friendly and chemical-free alternatives has risen with people learning the importance of using these natural products and seeing the benefits to their health. 

Eco Glamazine is always searching for the best in eco-friendly organic beauty! So when we were introduced to TOM Organic earlier this year, we just knew this Aussie eco brand was doing something right and we had to share their story with our readers.   

TOM Organic is an Australian Certified Organic feminine hygiene range that cares for your body and the planet every Time Of Month (TOM).  This eco-friendly line offers a deluxe range of certified organic tampons, pads and liners free from chemicals, bleaches and synthetics. 

TOM Organic offers chic and stylish recyclable packaging  featuring nature inspired water colour drawings of their gorgeous Tom Girl. Colour coded packs make selection easy and their cleverly designed slim packs mean no more tampons jumping around in your handbag. 

The company's founder Aimee Marks set out to create the very best products with integrity and style that all women can wear with confidence. This sassy 25 year old from Melbourne created an innovative eco brand that focuses on educating women on the benefits of using organic personal hygiene. 


Aimee Marks 
TOM Organic founder 

Aimee: "I believe all women should be free to live the life they want to live. To thrive and dream without limits. Tom was founded on the philosophy that we should never have to compromise the health and wellbeing of our bodies and our planet.  Join me in creating a future inspired by an uncompromised love of life." 

The original idea to create an organic tampon came when Aimee decided to design a new from of packaging for tampons for a school project, 8 years ago. She was shocked to discover the nasty chemicals and bleaches used in regular tampons. From Aimee's research she soon learned that cotton - the main component of tampons is the world's dirtiest pesticide sprayed crop. Yes it's true even natural cotton is not chemical free. Organic cotton is grown in fields free from chemicals - no pesticides, no insecticides, nothing! So Aimee knew that organic cotton was the only choice for her brand. So she embarked on a journey to help women care more about their health! Aimee realised there was a need for organic chemical-free feminine hygiene products and in turn created the only organic tampons, pads and liners to be accredited with the official Australian Certified Organic logo.  

With the average woman using more than 12,000 pads/tampons in her lifetime - TOM Organic provides a deluxe product made with 100% certified organic cotton for purity of mind and body. Making the switch to organic tampons and pads is not only the best choice for your body, mind and spirit - but also the planet. 

TOM Organic products are: 
  • Made with certified 100% organic cotton
  • perfume and chemical free 
  • Free from chlorine and dioxin in the bleaching process
  • 100% cellulose pulp free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Cruelty-free 
Respectful of the planet, TOM Organic uses the most sustainable, organic and biodegradable materials wherever possible to ensure a healthier world for us all. Most importantly all TOM Organic products are free from synthetics. 

Aimee: "If you take the synthetics out of tampons, you can't get Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). My goal was to get that message out to women and empower them to make better choices for their health. At the end of the day our health is everything. I want to use TOM as a vehicle for doing as much as I can."

"From woman to woman, let's be more conscious about what we put in our bodies and look after our health and environment every time of the month."

TOM Organic proudly supports the Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation and helps vaccinate 50 women a month against the disease. 

TOM Organic is now available at over 1000 retailers Australia wide including Woolworths and online through their official website Organic also offers subscriptions delivered direct to you, so you'll never get caught without pads or tampons again. 


 This article featured in Eco Glamazine September 2012.