Saturday, April 7, 2012

KIND BEAUTY: Chocolate Kisses

It's hard to control the sweet cravings around Easter time with all the delicious chocolate eggs! So if you're watching your waistline - these calorie-free sweet lip products will give you Chocolate Kisses and we're not talking the Hershey's kind!  

Sweet Seduction.
Yes - May is the person your mother warned you about. With her smile she can get away with anything and if anyone questions her suggestions, she just elegantly shrugs and says "Take my advice, I don't use it anyway." But as she so rightly points out: she isn't useless, for after all, she can be used as a bad example!  

GLAMOURFLAGE Mellow May Lip Balm  

Pucker up and indulge in the irresistible chocolate flavour of May - only for once - it's good for you!  With Vitamin E and natural beeswax to moisturise, soothe and restore - something which looks so naughty has never been so nice! 

Price: AUD$10.95  |  Flavour: Chocolate  |  Size: 20 ml | 

Chocolate Indulgence. 
Indulge in the new Chocomania range from The Body Shop. Containing community fair trade ingredients from 11 different countries. 

THE BODY SHOP Chocomania Lip Butter 

This buttery balm melts onto the lips for instant hydration. It contains real cocoa butter and has a delicious chocolate flavour. Leaves your lips feeling softer and smoother. Contains community fair trade cocoa butter and beeswax. 

Price: AUD$14.95   |  Flavour: Chocolate  | Size: 10 ml  | 

Dreamy Cocoa. 
Badger is a family run company who's mission is to create fabulously pure and effective products of the highest natural quality. Based on simplicity and thoughtful preparation with the intention to soothe and heal. Badger believes in environmental responsibility and works hard to create a healthy business with ethical and charitable principles. Badger's ingredients are 100% natural and most of their products contain more than 85% certified organic ingredients. 

BADGER Cocoa Butter Lip Balm 

Badger's dreamy Cocoa Butter Lip Balms contain certified organic and fair trade certified Cocoa Butter, which has a delightful fragrance of dark chocolate. The Cocoa Butter is traditionally processed at low temperatures, allowing the butter to retain its natural, health-giving properties. Flavoured with all natural steam distilled essential oils - no artificial sweeteners or fragrances. A little magic for your lips. 

Price: US$4.99  | Flavours: Mocha Cocoa, Creamy Cocoa.  | Size: 0.25Oz (7 ml) 

Pretty Delight.
Move over miss Glamour-puss, this eco-friendly natural beauty company will transform your pout in one swipe with their best selling FlowerColor lipsticks. Chocolate lovers can't resist their ultra sexy Chocolate shade.

ECCO BELLA FlowerColor Lipstick 

A lipstick that thinks it's a lip balm. The cleanest, safest, prettiest lipstick for those who love lipstick. A simple healthy formula of vegetable waxes, oils and mineral pigments that go on creamy and don't feather. Like a lip balm, Ecco Bella FlowerColor lipsticks moisturise without flaking or chapping. Gluten-free, petroleum-free, preservative-free, and fragrance-free.  Vegan formula. 

Price: US$17.95  | Shade: Chocolate  | Size: 0.13Oz (4 grams)

Kind Beauty Product Information:

* Badger is 100% cruelty-free certified by Leaping Bunny. 

* Glamourflage do not test their products on animals. 

*The Body Shop support community trade and remain strong on their stance against animal testing. 

* Ecco Bella says animal testing is unacceptable to Ecco Bella in any form because it is cruel. We test our products on ourselves and use ingredients that have been in use for years and considered safe.