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GLAMOUR GAL: Fabienne Costa

Fabienne Costa
Glamour Gal April 2012
Always Let Your Light Shine

When the time came to select our feature Glamour Gal for our April issue, we were looking for a bright and inspiring young lady. One of our beautiful Eco Glamazine readers Katty suggested Fabienne Costa for this feature article. A few minutes browsing around Fabienne's healthy living blog YourCoreLight it was crystal clear that she was perfect to be our April Glamour Gal

In this exclusive interview with Fabienne, we chat about her amazing organic herb garden, her home country Italy and how she plans to conquer the world lending a hand to orphaned children. 

Fabienne grew up in a small town near Rome, Italy. After moving to Australia at the age of five, she embraced her passion of music by playing piano and by the age of eleven she was already writing her own songs. When she was just sixteen years old Fabienne performed in a Duo and then a band on stage at local clubs, bars, weddings and other social events. Two years ago Fabienne underwent vocal cord surgery which then required vocal rehabilitation. Even with the fear of never being about to regain her vocal strength and agility, Fabienne always remained positive and these days Fabienne is singing solo, stronger than ever with a part time career as a talented musician. 

"Creativity is experimenting, inventing and growing." 
~ Fabienne

You started your music career at a very young age singing on stage in a duo and a band. It's very clear you love singing - How did you get started?  

Fabienne: "As a child I was always writing music, singing and expressing myself creatively. Once I had taught myself piano, I realised it was something I really enjoyed and over time, with hard work and dedication it has become my passion. It's now something I want to share with others. As I wasn't naturally gifted with a singing voice, I have had to work very hard to build my vocal agility. However I am grateful for all my experiences, good and bad, as they have shaped the musician I am today."

Follow Fabienne's music journey and hear her sing by subscribing to her new youtube channel. 

Growing up as a child in Italy you must have a strong connection with your italian background. Do you have any plans to return to Italy one day

Fabienne: "A lot of my family lives in Italy so yes, definitely. I have cousins in Italy which I have not seen since I was two years old. It's a beautiful country and I am very proud to be both Italian + Australian." 

Just like many of our featured Glamour Gals Fabienne is a vegetarian and embraces a healthy and active lifestyle. She is a passionate animal activist believing in nuturing earth's creatures by leading a kinder, pure and healthy lifestyle everyday. 

Fabienne you seem to lead a very busy lifestyle - studying, singing and staying fit. What are some of your favourite healthy Vegetarian snacks when you're on the go? 

Fabienne: "Well in my handbag you will ALWAYS find a little bag or container of raw nuts, seeds & Goji berries. So when I am on the go, there is no excuse, because I have my trusty home-made trail mix! I also love to snack on thin-skinned fruits such as blueberries and raw veggie sticks."

Fabienne shares her vegetarian recipes and  green living tips with the readers of her healthy and positive living blog called YourCoreLight. Full of inspiring stories from beauty to food to fitness. One of our favourite articles is Fabienne's DIY Organic Cruelty-Free Vegetable and Herb GardenUsing recycled tins and containers, cruelty-free fertilisers and lots of love, she created a perfect little balcony garden so she always has fresh herbs ready to add to every meal. 

We just adore your organic garden, you always have fresh herbs and veggies for your meals. Where do you find your daily healthy diet inspiration? 

Fabienne: "As a musician, I have to ensure I am always fuelling my body with fresh and nutritious foods to keep my immune system strong and my voice working at it's peak. To me, it's about creating a habit and then turning that habit into a lifestyle. I love healthy foods and the energy it gives my body, so that continually motivates me. As a vegetarian, most most of my meals being vegan, it does take preparation and a lot of planning ahead. I don't enjoy nor do I ever eat fast-food or soft drinks. A healthy lifestyle and being healthy is natural to me, it's something I value immensely. We are so lucky to be living in Australia and sometimes we can take a simple thing such as our 'health' for granted; when other people, in other parts of the world who don't share our same resources, value health as a life-giving chance."


Having a positive healthy outlook of life contributes to Fabienne's beautiful giving spirit. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Nursing at University. She has high hopes of travelling overseas to help lend a healing hand to children in China. 

Besides your passion to sing you are also very passionate about helping people. Fabienne can you share with our readers your dreams and aspirations for your career as a nurse? 

Fabienne: "In my life, I'm very grateful for all that I have been able to experience and all that I have been blessed with. Therefore I would like to help those that are disadvantaged in the world, achieve better health and better life prospects. I would like to, one day, use the exposure I will hopefully gain as a musician and the skills from my study, to bring light into the worlds of those who need it." 

We are truly inspired by your positive, loving and caring personality and how you embrace a healthy lifestyle. Is there someone that inspires you? 

Fabienne: "I am very inspired by those who stay strong to who they are and who are not afraid of being themselves. I am inspired by influences such as Lady Gaga, as she has proven that with gruelling hard work and self-belief, you can achieve anything. I also look up to Miranda Kerr as she is such a positive and healthy role model for everyone, of all ages, which I think is important to have."


Do you have a favourite cruelty-free makeup or skincare brand that you like to use in your daily routine? 

Fabienne: "I believe it's very important to educate yourself on what products do and do not test on animals, instead of turning a blind eye to it. I am very passionate about using cruelty-free products and being an advocate for the animal; as I do not agree with the horrible way animals suffer all for the sake of superficial needs and vanity. Therefore I am very aware of not only put in my body, but what I put on my skin. My favourite animal cruelty-free products would have to be KORA Organics, which makes up the bulk of my skincare, Sukin deodorant and RMS Beauty Organic make-up."

You are always encouraging others to embrace their inner beauty - what does beauty mean to you? 

Fabienne: "I believe that one encapsulates a radiant beauty when they are comfortable with who they are, inside and out. To me, there is nothing more beautiful than when you meet someone who is glowing from the inside out, from their own inner acceptance and love. It's so easy these days for young women, especially, to get caught up in the stereotypes and demands from the media and place these expectations on themselves. So through my blog Yourcorelight, my beliefs and lifestyle, I hope to encourage and inspire women to embrace their light and to aim to be the best version of themselves, not a second rate version of someone else."

Read more about Fabienne's thoughts on beauty in her Yourcorelight article Mirror Mirror, What is Beauty?

"Beauty is in the mirror 
you look into everyday. 
Enjoy your being."

One of Fabienne's positive affirmations is always let your light shine. She is constantly inspiring others through her social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook and via her blog. Being a creative, positive role model for young women always encouraging them to follow their dreams, believe in themselves and appreciate the earth by embracing natural kind living. 

Fabienne thank you for being our featured Glamour Gal this month, it has been an honour to share your story. Can you share with our readers a favourite quote or saying that you live by. 

Fabienne: "Thank you for having me, it has been a pleasure and honour. This is a quote I love and live by...." 

"I was born into this world to solely be myself." 

Fabienne Costa