Friday, November 11, 2011

Incredible Swim Launch

incredible  | in'kredebel |  adjective
difficult to believe, extraordinary 

Today is 11.11.11 and the official launch of the new Incredible Swim Collection by Ellie Gonsalves... The Incredible collection is brought to you by Veve Swimwear and ultra-glam Australian brand of glamorous, sexy and stylish swimwear.  This extraordinary new swimwear collection created by international model Ellie Gonsalves certainly does live up to it's name! 

"I was inspired by the modern day healthy woman. I wanted designs that are cute, sexy and glamorous that are practical for the beach, THE standout on the runway and also the most glamorous swimsuit out of thousands at pool party central - Las Vegas" ~ Ellie Gonsalves 

The new Incredible Swim collection features 6 limited edition magical disney & classic movie themed swimsuits; Daisy Duke, Jessica Rabbit, Minnie Mouse, Tinkerbell, Tomb Raider & Wildlife Warrior. 

Our favourite from Ellie's new collection is the gorgeous green Tinkerbell bikini which features sparkles, glitter, jewels & silver diamantes.  

"This is a swimsuit that will make you want to fly away to Neverland & feel like the real life Tinkerbell."

The new Incredible Swim collection includes a wild & sexy purple Wildlife Warrior bikini which was inspired by Ellie's passion for wildlife conservation. 

"The Wildlife Warrior bikini reflects and was inspired by my passion for wildlife conservation and my affiliation with Australia Zoo as their newest Wildlife Warrior ambassador. So I made the decision to have 10% of profits from each Wildlife Warrior bikini to go towards Australia Zoo's Wildlife Warrior conservation efforts. " 
~ Ellie Gonsalves

10% of the profits of the Wildlife Warrior bikini goes to Wildlife Warriors!

Ellie was our first featured Glamour Gal in September, we love her passion, creativity and drive. Eco Glamazine is so proud of Ellie and we just adore this amazing new collection... it's just incredible! 

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Photographer: Glen Bowden |
Hair & Makeup: Mia Connor |
Wildlife Warrior Hair & Makeup: Erin Bigg |