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Kate Johnson 
Cruelty Free Beauty Crusader 

Glamour Gal Kate Johnson is our featured cover girl for Spring 2016. She is on a crusade to empower and educate women about cruelty free beauty.

In this exclusive interview Kate talks all things beauty, balancing life as a business woman and her gorgeous range of cruelty free beauty lip glosses!

They say 'beauty comes from within'. What does beauty mean to you? 

Kate: "I think true beauty shines from within. Sitting in the makeup chair and taking amazing photos for clients only goes so far for me. I feel beautiful when I'm happy, and when I'm happy, I'm confident. And confidence is sexy. Doing the things you love in the company of those who matter most is happiness - it nourishes the soul the same way healthy food nourishes your body. And I have learnt that the happiest of people don't have the best of everything, but they do make the best of everything - so smile big…it's contagious!"

Natalie Roser Photography

In 2014 Kate launched her own lifestyle and beauty brand, which features her signature PETA certified #CrueltyFreeBeauty Lip Glosses. These bespoke Lip Glosses are delicious and best of all long-lasting. Celebrated by animal lovers around the globe, Kate Johnson's products are designed for women who promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle, and exemplify a respect for animals when choosing their personal beauty products.  

We love that your Lip Glosses are cruelty-free! Can you tell us more about your brand ‘KATE JOHNSON’ and your cruelty free beauty crusade? 

Kate: "It all started with my love of animals! Having worked as a professional model for 6 years and, at the time of my online store launch, winning a beauty pageant, I found myself constantly surrounded by cosmetics; without really thinking about the ingredients, where they’re from, and more importantly whether the company tests on animals. The beauty industry has a lot to answer for, and I wanted to create a product that women can wear and love knowing it makes them feel gorgeous, though is also ethically sourced and PETA certified cruelty-free."

Kate: "I am always on the look out to improve my work-life balance; find a new, invigorating way to exercise or another healthy dish to include in my meal planning; and my beauty products are much the same. I prefer beauty products that are natural, organic, and at the very least cruelty-free."

Do you have a favourite Lip Gloss shade? 

Kate: "When I created my bespoke collection, having a mere six lip glosses in the range meant that I’ve taken the lamenting and guess work out of narrowing the choice (and usually dilemma) down from 30 to 1 favourite for making the simple choice of finding a single nude shade. I can’t pass up Swiss Alps (a sparkling clear shade) – it’s the most diverse in the range. Though I am always partial to Parisian Lace (a gorgeous light and bright Peony Pink shade). It makes me feel so girly and fresh when I wear it."

Kate - what’s your best beauty secret?  

Kate: "I get this one a lot! Moisture and skin protection. I moisturise daily (twice a day in winter or when I’ve had an organic spray tan) – Aesop Body Balm (full body) and Cactus Skincare (face). Despite my line of work and background as a model, I rarely wear makeup. Every day, since my mother taught me her trick when I was a teen, I never leave home without Cancer Council Australia approved 50+ UVA UVB broad-spectrum sunscreen. I tan to a nice golden shade naturally, and I do love the sun, though I can attribute my 30+ skin tone still looking 20+ thanks to keeping protected."

When it comes to your beauty routine, what's one beauty essential you must have in your makeup bag?

Kate: "To jazz up a casual outfit, or complete my look for a night out attending an event or gala, I always have one of my cruelty-free lip glosses in my clutch (that’s a given, opt for my go-to Parisian Lace). I’ll have the Ere Perez Amazing Arnica Concealer handy for a quick ‘fresh faced makeup look’ if I need to pop out for an urgent meeting and don’t have any makeup handy."

Kate keeps busy balancing life as a model, charity ambassador 
and business woman. She runs a multifaceted lifestyle brand, simply titled Kate Johnson that embodies the intelligent, elegant and health conscious women. 

The Kate Johnson lifestyle brand is designed for ‘women who promote a healthy & balanced lifestyle’ - just like our readers. What do you love most about being a female entrepreneur? 

Kate: "It’s an incredible feeling to find your ‘why’, pursue your dreams and work in a field that you’re passionate about. Waking up to a new challenge each day, meeting and working with like-minded professionals, traveling, working through set backs and kicking goals, it’s all part of the thrill of running a business! It’s an added bonus when you can share that with an amazing partner. I feel like there needs to be an alternative word…sure it’s work - or employment or income, or however you’d like to consider it. Though it almost has a negative spin, like a chore. When you do what you love, sure it’s long hours, though I love it and it’s worth it!" 

Kate Johnson is an absolutely gorgeous woman with a beautiful soul. When it comes to cruelty free beauty she means business. We love her passion and devotion to her beauty mission, it's truly inspiring! 

Kate Heussler (Kate Johnson) 



This cover story is featured in Eco Glamazine Spring 2016

Cover photo by Heidi Hannele Huttunen