Monday, January 11, 2016

FIT GIRL: Carrie Underwood

FIT GIRL Carrie Underwood 

Eco Angel Carrie Underwood has a new lifestyle brand called CALIA by Carrie and to celebrate we're featuring Carrie as our newest Fit Girl

Carrie: "Staying active is a lifestyle, and a choice we make everyday. So I created CALIA to make it easier for me and all other women to work in working out no matter what. Because we can be the strongest versions of ourselves in every facet of our lives. We can look as beautiful as we feel. We can Stay The Path." 

CALIA by Carrie
fitness apparel designed for your life 

The CALIA TEAM has a unique approach to fitness and fashion. 

"We believe it's the smallest details that make the biggest impact on your everyday. Like washable cashmere, worry-free waistbands and clothes that fit seamlessly into whatever you're doing, in and out of the gym. We want to make sure you never have to sacrifice fashion for function, or your lifestyle for your workout. These clothes perform as hard as you do in all aspects of your life. Because, just like you, we're out to prove: strong is beautiful." 

"I created CALIA to make it easier for me and all other women to work in working out." 
Carrie Underwood 

Carrie: "CALIA is a lifestyle brand. I love our motto Stay The Path, because we are on and I keep saying we are on our own journeys, you know in different places and different speeds and it's all about just to keep going to just push yourself a little bit further. You gotta start somewhere and you will feel better about yourself, just stay the path. And I feel like so many women get a lot out of this brand and it makes me very happy."

Wake up with the sun and take charge of your day

Carrie Underwood explains the meaning behind her lifestyle and activewear brand CALIA and why she created it for women. 

CALIA by Carrie  #staythepath