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Sarah Jane  Fit & Fabulous
Glamour Gal January 2012

There was no denying Sarah Jane was the perfect choice to feature as our January Glamour Gal. This Fit and Fabulous Aussie sweetheart stole our hearts last year when she began an intense clean and lean fitness journey. Sarah is a very talented Australian fitness model and is currently working hard everyday to get her body into professional shape. She will be competing in her 1st fitness competition later this year. Sarah's story will inspire, motivate and delight you! Eco Glamazine is honoured to present an exclusive interview with Sarah Jane about her fitness journey, eating clean and lean and the love of her life. 

Fit and fabulous.  It's a new year and most of our Eco Glam readers have started a new diet or exercise plan for 2012. We know you are currently on your own personal fitness journey - can you tell us about it? 

Sarah: "I started going to the gym about 2 years ago. I wanted to start feeling better about myself and needed to pull myself out of this dark hole that I found myself in. I was lucky, I had my fiance Jason who also shared this same goal with me. Being in the Army and having completed certain fitness courses with them, Jason had a wealth of knowledge on just the right way to get me started. Before I knew it we were going for runs outside each day and I started to see an improvement. I stopped needing to walk half way and bit by bit we extended the length of the run until I could run the whole block! (even the huge hill on the home stretch). This just gave me a new lease on life. I fell in love with the health and fitness life that I used to love during my teen years."

What an amazing start to your journey towards a healthier life. You really inspire us Sarah. We want to know, who inspires you? 

Sarah: "I found inspiration in one of my beautiful friends Emily Skye to take the next step and try strength training. All I can say to this is... Wow! Why hadn't I ever tried this before!? Through loving my new toned body I started to get curious at the next step I could take. I went along to an INBA Competition to cheer on my best friend Giselle. Whilst she was competing in the body building side, I discovered there was a section called Sports Model. It was exactly what I wanted to do! So I set the goal for myself, to train my little heart out and get up on that stage. Whether I win or lose - I know I will have achieved my goal."

What's the best part of your fitness journey so far? 

Sarah: "My fitness journey has also reconnected me with the original career path that I wanted to take when I left school. I always wanted to study Health Science. I am currently doing my Certificate III and Certificate IV in Fitness and studying nutrition. Many people ask me for health and fitness advice and I have been told that I was their inspiration to get off the couch and get into the gym. This is the best part of my journey."

"Sunday is my favourite gym day" 

Do you have any advice for our eco glam readers who may be interested in kick starting Twenty Twelve by joining a gym or beginning a fitness routine?

Sarah: "DO IT! Stop making excuses. I have never felt so good about myself. If you are going to join a gym make sure you go, make the time. Don't just end up "sponsoring a gym". You need to make your health a priority and think of it as a life long investment that you will thank yourself for. If you need help getting your Gym Mojo on - I suggest taking a buddy to make it a social place for you. Get yourself a personal trainer that will  educate you on the basics and get kick started." 

Sarah we adore your passion and determination. What motivates you? 

Sarah: "What I find motivates me is setting goals and planning each gym session. Change it up and make it fun. If the gym isn't for you then get outdoors. Maybe go for a bike ride, join outdoor boot camps or get involved in a team sport. Just get active and once you get the bug it's just all happy days!"

When it comes to fitness and glamour - who is your celebrity inspiration or role model?

Sarah: "Lisa Marie. She's a host on Body Rock Tv. I'm in awe just watching her videos. I forget I'm meant to be copying her half the time!"

With so many fitness resources available - books, DVDs, online tutorials and fitness/health magazines. What tools do you use to stay focused? 

Sarah: "My favourite magazine is Oxygen magazine - endless motivation just like a health bible, really. I'm always researching new exercises or reading blogs, books and watching youtube videos. Variety will keep you interested and motivated. I also have a collection of progress photos of myself. I love looking back, when I first started. Looking at photos of me now, it makes me want to keep going." 

"It's great to say you wish you looked a certain way, 
when you can! Go and get it"  - Sarah Jane  

Ab-solutely beautiful. 
There's no denying that Sarah's passion to keep going, achieving her goals and pushing herself everyday has paid off in more ways that one. She is looking leaner, more toned, sexier and her inner confidences shines through her gorgeous eyes. 

If there's one thing every fit girl wants it's those tight sexy Victoria Secret abs. Sarah you have some seriously rock hard abs! What's your secret? 

Sarah: "Awww that's so sweet, thank you. There isn't a secret really. The famous saying "abs are made in the kitchen" is so spot on. Pretty much everyone has abs, it's just what you have covering them that needs to go. The best way to do that is through nutrition. So eating lots of clean and lean foods and of course exercise too. Crunches and other abdominal exercises alone won't get you the abs you want, you need to work on the body fats around them too."

Sarah Jane wearing Veve Swimwear 
Photography by Dallas Olsen

Good nutrition plays a very important role in a successful fitness plan. Can you share with our readers some of your healthy eating tips?

Sarah: "The best advice is Clean and Lean. Clean foods are foods that haven't been changed from their natural state. For example, an orange looks like it did hanging on the tree, where as potato chips don't. Clean foods are free from toxins. Toxins are stored in your fat cells. If you are dieting or exercising you can lose the fat however the toxins won't leave your body. They just go back into your blood stream, causing you to feel tired and light headed. Your body then goes into healing mode where it then holds onto fat cells to store the toxins and alas the cycle continues - you're back to where you started. Clean foods don't last for ages as they are free of preservatives. They also don't list sugar in their first three ingredients. Lean foods are the good cuts with minimal fat. I eat six meals a day. I follow a high protein, green veggie diet. I eat good carbohydrates too. Carbs are not that bad for you! Con trey to what you may have heard."

Sarah Jane clean and lean advocate 

During her regular gym sessions Sarah stays hydrated by drinking coconut water. A delicious healthy option to refuel your body after an intense cardio workout. Sarah's favourite is CocoBella's "Straight Up" Coconut Water. It's nature's hydrator. Coconut water is the clear fluid found inside young green coconuts. Naturally rich in electrolytes (potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium and phosphorous) making it the ultimate source of hydration and replenishment. It's low in calories (18% lower than most sports drinks). Coconut water has no fat, no cholesterol and no preservatives. Perfect choice for natural hydration. 

Beauty by SJ. 
This Glamour Gal not only spends hours in the gym to get those sexy washboard abs, she also has her own small business as a qualified Beauty Therapist - Beauty by SJ.  Sarah has over 7 years experience in the beauty industry include 4 years working for Elle Bache. Want to know Sarah's secret to beautiful skin? Certified Organic Rosehip Oil. 
"Straight up let me say Certified Organic Rosehip Oil is a miracle oil! You can use it by itself or mix it with your moisturiser. It's great for uneven skin tones, scaring and hydrating." Sarah's favourite is Trilogy's Organic Rosehip Oil

True Love. 
If there is one thing we truly admire in a woman, it's loyalty and dedication. Sarah has both these qualities! She is engaged to a true Aussie hero - her best friend Jason; a solider in the Australian Army. We adore following their sweet moments together via Sarah's Instagram photos. 

In our opinion, there's no stronger woman on this planet than an Army wife/girlfriend. So what's it really like being engaged to such a brave Aussie soldier? 

Sarah: "I would be lying if I said it was easy. It can get very lonely, sometimes. Your plans can change in an instant because he suddenly needs to go off somewhere. You find yourself being a third wheel, a lot. You share special days with your friends rather then with him and you get used to RSVP-ing for 1 to weddings. You just have to keep busy to allow the time to pass. Although I'm lucky in a way - how many people can say they fall in love over and over again and feel butterflies like it's your first date each time he comes home? It's been good for me, I've learnt to become independent which I think is a great trait for a woman to have. I am so very proud of him, as are our families and friends. It takes a special person to be a soldier and I feel so blessed to have my very own Australian hero that I will be able to call my husband, very soon."

Thank you for inspiring us with your sassy, sexy and sweet fitness journey. We would love to know what your life motto is. Is there a key phrase or quote that you live by Sarah? 

Sarah: "I'm not telling you it's going to be easy, I'm telling you it's going to be worth it" I love this quote. It applies to my personal life and my fitness goal. 

Sarah Jane 

Instagram: @mzsarahjane

glamour gal embraces a natural healthy lifestyle, her inner beauty shines bright. 
She is a dreamer and inspires others to live a positive earth-friendly lifestyle. 
Sarah Jane is a Glamour Gal.