Thursday, November 3, 2011

GLAMOUR GAL: Lauren Vickers

Lauren Vickers  feel good. look good. do good.


When the time came to select our November Glamour Gal we were delighted to discover the perfect girl for our Green issue, we call her Miss Green Energy! Introducing Lauren Vickers - an international model, TV presenter, spokeswoman and the face of MotoGP's first Green Energy Team. In this exclusive interview with Eco Glamazine Lauren talks about living an eco-friendly lifestyle, her passion for travelling and being crowned Playboy Italia's Playmate of the Year. 

This Aussie-born model has a true passion for motor sports, her fiance is french Grand Prix motorcycle rider Randy De Puniet and Lauren was the official Grid Girl for the LCR Honda MotoGP Team in 2010. Now in 2011 as the ambassador for the Pramac Ducati Green Energy MotoGP Team, Lauren's work takes her all around the world! 

We know you are passionate about your modelling work with MotoGP and your boyfriend is a MotoGP rider, Lauren have you always been into cars and motorbikes?
Lauren: "I have always loved cars and motorbikes and have worked in Motorsport for many years.  I used to ride in Australia and rarely used my car :)  I love the fact that our team this year has worked hard to be as eco friendly as possible.  Our entire hospitality runs on energy produced from our solar panels and wind turbines on top of the truck, and we use biodegradable products to clean the hospitality, garage and bikes. We're also making the grid girl uniforms from organic fabrics and sustainable products to bring you all the entertainment and glamour in an eco-friendly way."

Lauren is the face of the Pramac Ducati Green Energy MotoGP Team

"As you all know - the planet is suffering lately. So do your bit and Go Green this year!"

As the face of MotoGP's Green Energy Team you certainly bring a new meaning to the phrase "Go Green". Lauren can you share your eco-friendly living tips with our readers? 
Lauren: "It was so amazing creating that campaign and I'm very proud to embrace eco-friendly changes in my lifestyle. For me, living eco-friendly is all about balance and making small changes that add up to help. I use natural alternatives for beauty, cleaning and cooking as much as possible. I use a Lulu Lemon stainless steel water bottle to carry around with me and refill instead of buying plastic water bottles (considering I drink about 3-4L water a day, this makes a big difference!) I eat a mostly organic, vegetarian diet and love to make my own meals without using processed chemicals/preservatives. I try to carbon offset as many flights as I can - considering I need to travel so much throughout the year for work, this adds up!"

We love that Lauren embraces an eco-friendly lifestyle and follows an organic vegetarian diet. Lauren has been modelling professionally for over a decade, she started in the industry when she was 11 years old. Lauren's stunning hazel eyes, gorgeous tan skin and alluring smile is captured through her beautiful photos. Her extensive modelling portfolio includes beauty, swimwear, glamour, artistic and fashion styles with several magazine covers & calendars.  

As a model for over 13 years, obviously you need to stay in shape for your work. What type of exercise do you enjoy?

"I love to keep active but I get bored easily with the same workout so I like to mix it up when I can! The cross trainer, weights, and pilates & pump classes are great when I can make it to the gym.  Then a mix of running, stairs, sprints and no equipment circuits - I like to call it my old school hotel workout - keeps me interested and toned when I'm travelling." 

Lauren's stunning physique and beautiful spirit lead to her becoming Italy's Bunny Girl and Playboy Playmate. Ooooh la la Lauren! This sexy Bunny Girl is not just a pretty face, Miss Vickers also speaks Italian and is currently learning french and spanish! 

"You can't take yourself too seriously when 
you're wearing bunny ears and a tail."

Playboy Italia crowned you as their 2010 Playmate of the Year. Lauren can you tell us about your amazing experience as a Playboy playmate.

Lauren: "I had a contract modelling with a race team for 2010 and travelled around the world with them as their spokesmodel.  One of our sponsors was Playboy Italia and I worked closely with them representing them in the media spotlight doing interviews, photoshoots and events.  I became a popular image as "Coniglietta" ("Bunny Girl") in Italy for them so at the end of 2010, they asked me to shoot for the cover of the December/January.  I was so excited for the shoot and then received an even better surprise with the amazing news that I would also be Playmate of the Year 2010 for Italy!"

Lauren Vickers featured on the cover of Playboy Italia December 2010

When she's not jet setting around the world for her modelling work, summer-loving Lauren divides her time between Australia (November - March) and Europe (April - October). She loves travelling and experiencing new adventures and opportunities. 

We know that you love travelling an spend half the year living in Australia and half in Europe. What's your must have beauty item when travelling?

Lauren:  "I really adore Lucas' PaPaw Ointment as my go-to product for dry skin, chapped lips, insect bites and burns.  I stock up big time when I'm back home in Australia." 

We noticed you have a few tattoos, can you tell us about them?

Lauren: "I have two tattoos, both butterflies. One represents a sad story: to remember people I have lost in my life; my brother and sister who I lost when I was young, and to some friends I lost in high school - there were always butterflies at the funerals. The other represents a happy story: my life most fortunate events have always come about because I'm a spontaneous person, carefree and open to taking risks.  It's to remind me to enjoy the memories and embrace new opportunities."

They say beauty comes from within. Lauren what does beauty mean to you?

Lauren: "I definitely agree.  A beautiful heart touches people far more than a beautiful face ever can.  No one is perfect, but it's important to take care of your body, radiate confidence and be a kind, caring person."

We are honoured that Lauren is our (green) Glamour Gal for November 2011 and we really enjoyed interviewing her and getting to know the gorgeous girl behind MotoGP's Green Energy Team. Lauren is very adventurous and lives an exciting international lifestyle but still remains very down-to-earth and enjoys returning home to Australia to spend time with friends and family. Her eco-friendly attitude and ambitious spirit inspires us to look for ways in which we can live a more spontaneous and greener lifestyle. Lauren's inner beauty certainly shines through that camera lens and straight into our hearts. 

Lauren Vickers

Instagram: @laurenkvickers