Monday, October 10, 2011

GLAMOUR GAL: Sheridyn Fisher

Sheridan Fisher  live & love

She is the Face and Australia’s Ambassador for one of the world most reconginised brand Playboy and has featured in numerous national campaigns for Playboy Fragrance, Lingerie, Spray Tan, Energy Drinks, Bed Linen across the globe. Sheridyn is also a full time model & Brand Ambassador for Australia’s Lingerie Giant Bras N Things and recently was asked to be there Celebrity guest judge in there Australia wide model search. Apart from her busy life as an international model, Sheridyn is also an actress, artist, successful business woman, designer and make-up artist. 

"From a very young age I have always loved being creative."


This young successful and driven young woman recently used her creative talents to design her own brand of sexy swimwear, Sheridyn Swim. 

"I have worked hard on creating styles, designs and patterns which I have all made myself and reflects my personality and love of the beach and summer time." 

Sheridyn is an official member of the WWF and a partner in the conservation of our planet. She donates $1 from every Sheridyn Swim White Tiger swimsuit sold to WWF Tiger Fund. 

Sheridyn is an active animal rights activist and supports many amazing charities such as WWF, RSPCA, Animals Australia and PETA. 

"I am extremely passionate animal advocate dedicated to help make a difference to the future of all natures creatures."

Sheridyn loves animals and has 2 dogs Kendra, a Siberian Husky and Predator, a black Rottweiler. She loves all animals great and small and also owns a ferret, Tinkerbell and her Cockatiel which she has had for 15 years is called Butchy. 

"My pets are my life, I love them all dearly and do the best I can to ensure their health and well being."

"I am a huge supporter of the RSPCA and always promoting the RSPCA as much as I can on my website and social networks in hopes that people will consider adopting pets when deciding to get an animal and encouraging fundraising for the RSPCA."

If you would like to save a life and adopt a pet then visit RSPCA's website

This Aussie beauty believes in mind, body and soul and leads a very natural healthy lifestyle. She loves being outdoors, enjoys the beach and regular exercise including running, push bike riding, mountain bike riding and boxing.

"I personally do not like going to a gym, I don’t even have a membership, there is nothing I love more than riding an actual, real bike in the fresh air then being in a gym, watching a clock and having no motivation."

Self proclaimed "tomboy at heart", Sheridyn believes that laughter is the best medicine and enjoys watching Sci Fi, Action and Disney movies and even loves reading and collecting comic books. 

"Growing up I was nothing short of a tomboy, I was not one bit girly. I was always wearing soccer shorts & t-shirts and playing with Batman and Star Wars instead of Barbies!" 

Sheridyn embraces a organic beauty and believes in natural living. She lives a healthy vegetarian lifestyle and she is very passionate about eating organic. She shares her favourite vegetarian recipes and healthy living tips on her blog. 

"It's very important for me to be as natural as I can with my skin, beauty & heath. I always try to eat as natural as  I can and drink plenty of water."

Her personal motto is "Live & Love" and Sheridyn lives everyday to the fullest and is inspired by Buddhism to be the best she can be. 

"Life is BIGGER than just one person, but together we can all make a difference." 

Five Minutes with Miss Fisher

What 5 words best describe Sheridyn Fisher? 

Passionate, Creative, Activist, Tomboy, Dreamer

You seem to lead a very busy lifestyle, what healthy snack do you enjoy when you're on the go?

I love fruit salad, it gives me the energy I need whilst being healthy and natural.

When it comes to beauty & glamour, is there anyone who really inspires you?

I get lots of inspiration from all different people, not necessarily model, but people who just love life & have passion to make there dreams a reality. If you are referring to models I really look up to Jennifer Hawkins, Holly Madison and Miranda Kerr. I also adore activists like Hef (Hugh Hefner) and their passion to help change the world in a positive way.

Being a model and makeup artist, beauty is a really important part of your life, so our readers would love to know - whats your best beauty secret?

My best beauty secret is to lead as healthy & natural as possible. Live life, enjoy exercise

(I love bike riding / mountain bike riding & boxing) drink plenty of water & use natural products on your skin. I am always making my own organic natural facemasks with products such a fresh avocado, oats, green tea etc. And a healthy natural diet is the key!

If you could travel to any place in the world, where would you go?

My favorite place in the world is definitely the Playboy Mansion. I absolutely adore Hef and all my beautiful girls friends who are even more beautiful on the inside. I am always so happy & thankful to be apart of the Playboy Family. My second choice would be Africa, as I am a huge animal lover & activist and to see all the animals I adore in there natural habitat would just be amazing.

Model, makeup artist, designer & busy entrepreneur, you always seem to be on the go. What do you like to do in your free time to relax?

I am ALWAYS on the go, and I love it! I always have so much energy! In my down time I am addicted to Bike riding and love watching my favorite Sci Fi’s Aliens and Predator and also drawing and playing with my animals. They are my life! I also enjoy producing my own photo shoot projects. I love recreating my own renditions of my favorite comic villains or doing my own independent photo shoots.

Sheridyn Fisher is the true essence of the girl-next-door, her professional, passionate, hard working and fun loving attitude inspires others everyday. But this blonde beauty is not just a pretty face, Sheridyn has brains too! This smart successful, driven young woman has just launched her own production company, Swan Productions. Sheridyn is a successful inspiring young woman who's beautiful fun-loving personality impacts everyone she meets. This down-to-earth Aussie beauty embraces an eco-friendly healthy & natural lifestyle and inspires others to do the same. She is a truly amazing Australian and this month's featured Glamour Gal

Sheridyn Fisher