Tuesday, March 25, 2014

CLEAN TEA: Live the Clean Life

Live the Clean Life

Move over Fit Tea, forget the Skinny Tea, there's a brand new tea in town! Clean Tea is a new range of pure herbal teas designed to enhance the health benefits for anyone living a 'clean eating' lifestyle. 

Live the clean life. 
Clean Tea launched in Australia late last year with 3 herbal teas; Clean Tea, Dream Tea and Detox Tea. Using the best Mother Nature has to offer their range of loose leaf teas help you detox, awaken your senses, purify your body, improve your skin, aid in weight loss and assist with restless sleep. 

Clean Tea 
This revitalising tea helps with depression, anxiety and aids with stress and physical demands on the body. It rejuvenates you and helps increase energy throughout the day. It also reduces water retention and bloating, increases metabolism and aids digestion. Containing natural ingredients like Ginseng, Celery Root, Lemongrass, Lemon Myrtle and Hibiscus to increase general health and wellbeing. 

Detox Tea
This delightfully refreshing tea helps your body's natural detoxification process, supporting your lymphatic system and helping safely clear the body of wastes and toxins leaving you feeling rejuvenated. It also aids digestion, helps reduce bloating, improves circulation and aids in weight loss. Their detox blend contains Dandelion Root, Lemongrass, Ginger Root, St Mary's Thistle, Cleavers and Calendula Petals. Kickstart your detox with the Clean Tea Detox Diet. Feel fresh, renewed and truly healthy. 

Dream Tea 
A delicious tea that assists in restful sleep, calms and aids digestion and assists the natural detox process of the body overnight. Containing Chamomile for a calming and healing effect, Lavender for balance and relaxation and Peppermint to relieve pain and promote a good night's sleep. 

Clean Tea was created by two sassy Aussie mums from a seaside town near Bryon Bay. Clean Tea co-founder Jordana explains why she created the brand, "I wanted to share the benefits of clean eating with other people struggling with their weight or heath. I am a massive herbal tea drinker and I wanted to combine my two passions for health and tea into a range of teas that made you feel good, look good help you stay on track with your clean eating and ultimately taste good, for everyday!" 

After having her second child Jordana knew she had a lot of weight to lose. She tried many different diets and weight loss pills without any major success until she was introduced to clean eating by her mother who is a Naturopath. After switching to clean eating plan she lost 37 kilos and has never felt better. So she teamed up with her neighbour and fellow clean eater Kristy to create "Clean Tea". Kristy is also a vegetarian and was passionate about starting a new business and creating a range of herbal teas. "I suffer from terrible insomnia and I am so pleased our dream tea has helped relieved this." 

Jordana enlisted the help of her mother Amanda, a Herbalist and qualified Naturopath with over 17 years experience to create their range of healthy herbal teas. 

Clean Tea co-founder Jordana 

Healthy is the new skinny! 
The three women behind this amazing new tea, believe in the power of body, mind and spirit. Clean Tea was designed with the busy woman in mind. To help assist you live a healthy happy, stress free life. For those of us who embrace a 'clean eating' lifestyle the Clean Tea range of loose leaf herbal teas compliment a healthy eating plan. For best results follow their FREE Clean Eating Plan

Beautiful benefits. 
With the success of their three signature herbal teas, Clean Tea recently launched 7 new blends which include Green Tea, Hibiscus Tea, Rooibos Tea, Chai Tea, Femme Fatal Tea, Immunity Boost Tea and Mother's Love Tea. Best of all Clean Tea is natural and organic. These amazing teas are also caffeine free. The Clean Tea herbal blends are made with beautiful natural ingredients like ginseng, lemongrass, hibiscus, chamomile, lavender, peppermint, just to name a few. These amazing teas will increase general health and wellbeing. Consume daily morning and/or night for maximum health benefits. No fads, no gimmicks, just beautiful herbal tea you can enjoy, that's good for you. 

Green Smoothie Sensation. 
To compliment their range of herbal teas, the ladies of Clean Tea have created a brand new product for 2014 - Green Smoothie Tea. It's an amazing new product just for green smoothies. Designed to supercharge your green smoothies with the power of coconut, vanilla and acai berries. Perfect chilled as an ice tea, use as a delicious base for any smoothie or scoop directly into any green smoothie, fresh juice or coconut water to boost health benefits. High in powerful antioxidants and fibre this exciting new tea can assist with fat loss, mental alertness, improves your complexion and aids with stress relief. It sounds to good too be true - right? But trust us it's ah-mazing! 

Drinking a green smoothie every day can have incredible health benefits. Eco Angel Jenna Dewan-Tatum enjoys a green smoothie every morning to kick-start her day. "I follow a clean vegetarian diet. Lots of green smoothies! I drink one every morning. I get the nutrition, I get the vitamins and minerals right away." 


Check out all their amazing Green Smoothie recipes at www.greensmoothietea.com

So by now you've learnt the amazing benefits of herbal tea. So why not try one of the delightful blends of Clean Tea or Green Smoothie Tea for yourself. For your health and well being this wonderful range of loose leaf teas will help you feel relaxed, revitalised and renewed. 

Live Clean. Eat Clean. Clean Tea. 

Green Smoothie Tea