Wednesday, March 21, 2012

WONDER WOMAN: Sonya Driver

Sonya Driver Wonder Woman

Sonya Driver. Eco Mum
There is no denying that Sonya Driver is one awesome Eco-Mum! This Gold Coast mother of 2 recently embarked on an eco journey to find the most eco-friendly, safe and natural ingredients for a new organic tanning system. This eco inventor cooked up batches of tanner in her kitchen at home before creating her exclusive Eco Tan - Australia's very first 100% natural organic tanning product. 

So what makes Sonya Driver a Wonder Woman you ask? Well her story goes back about 6 years ago when her husband just up and left her to raise her children alone. She had just quit her job as an international flight attendant and bought a block of land near the beach, ready to raise her family and live the dream life. After that devastating call from her husband she packed her bags and went to East Timor to be a volunteer. Giving back gave Sonya the answers and perspective on her life that she really needed. She helped shampoo women's hair who had never experience that before and fed hungry children. When she returned to Australia after two weeks, Sonya had a renewed spirit and positive attitude. She was determined to make a positive change in her life and begin a new chapter. Her beloved sister had recently been diagnosed with a melanoma. Sonya knew that she had to find a safe alternative to the harmful UV rays, but after researching the ingredients of spray tans she realised many contained harmful chemicals. So she started working on mixing up a natural tan using the best Mother Nature had to offer. The result was Eco Tan. 

We first introduced you to Eco Tan back in our debut issue last September. Since then this all Aussie family run business is blooming! Sonya and her team recently relocated to a gorgeous new studio & warehouse in Burleigh, the official Eco Tan headquarters. 

Sonya: "I feel like I have now finally arrived through strength not of my own. In March 2011, my company made Australian history by becoming the first and only organic tan to be certified by the Organic Food Chain."

Last month Eco Glamazine's Director Lauren Day got the opportunity to meet and work with Sonya on an eco-project.

Lauren: "After admiring Sonya for many months and watching her eco-company grow before my eyes I was so honoured to be invited to work alongside Sonya. From the moment we met I could feel her warm, friendly down-to-earth spirit. She took my hand & introduced herself. I was more than nervous to meet this amazing woman, one of my true eco heroes. This woman is as eco-friendly as they get. When asked if she would like a drink from one of her staff members, Sonya replied "just water" but was then quick to point out that she only wanted bottled water. We had a laugh and I knew instantly, at that moment that it was going to be a very fun day! Not only was Sonya so relaxed, easy going and friendly but she knows the value of everything around her. I could tell this woman knows the true value of being eco-friendly. An eco angel indeed."

Autumn Angel
It's very refreshing to see that the woman behind this eco brand is really living out her companies motto - Beauty Inside and Out.  

This month sees the brand new launch of Eco Tan's Winter Skin. The temperature maybe cooling down, but this winter essential is so hot right now - selling out completely in the first two weeks of it's release! Winter Skin is an organic daily nourisher that turns into a beautiful honey tan after a few days of application. Containing rose flower, it hydrates without hidden nasties.  Every ingredient is natural or organic. Winter Skin contains no synthetic ingredients and is certified by the Australian Organic Food Chain. 

Eco Tan. beauty inside and out

Eco Tan's exclusive new Winter Skin is available in a large 300ml recycled pump bottle. Retailing for just $29.95 it's available online and from leading health food stores, selected pharmacies and beauty spas around Australia. 

The new Winter Skin is just one of the amazing products available in the Eco Tan organic range. Their hero product is the Organic Rich Honey Tanning Solution, a professional formula that provides a golden tan that lasts for approximately 7 to 10 days. To maintain your tan after Summer try their Invisible Tan, a luxe moisturiser that transforms into a golden tan within 8 hours. Eco Tan's clever Tan Away Glove will help pre and post tan to exfoliate your skin for maximum results. 


Organic is Awesome.
Sonya is an eco pioneer creating an eco-friendly company that truly cares about the planet and most importantly the health and happiness of their customers. So why choose organic? 
Our skin is our largest organ. Sonya says "Research has shown a lot of what we put on our skin ends up in our blood stream." She created Eco Tan with everything that Mother Nature has to offer including the key ingredients rose flower oil and cacao (chocolate). The Eco Tan formula also contains avocado oil, chamomile flower extract, aloe vera and honeysuckle flower extract. Choosing organic beauty products creates a more beautiful earth. Organic products help towards sustainability. Producing products organically reduces the dependence on non-renewable resources in our environment. In other words one very happy Mother Nature! Not only kind to the earth but also to animals. Eco Tan is one of our favourite Kind Beauty brands being accredited by Choose Cruelty-Free for their cruelty-free and vegan tanning formula. 

There's no doubt that this little Aussie eco-company has a long successful career ahead. With a determined, sassy and down-to-earth company CEO like Sonya Driver at the wheel driving this new organic brand, the sky is the limit. 

Eco Tan


 This is a feature article from Eco Glamazine March 2012.

Wonder Woman is strong and successful, she always believes in the power of Mother Nature... She faces her fears and overcomes personal struggles with dignity and believes everything happens for a reason. She has the power to inspire others with her glass-is-half-full outlook on life. We admire her. Sonya Driver is a Wonder Woman.