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ECO ANGEL: Charlize Theron

ECO ANGEL Charlize Theron 

Sexiest Woman Alive Charlize Theron is this month's featured Eco Angel.  

Charlize Theron maybe a Wicked Queen on the big screen but in reality she is more like a beauty queen than an evil one. The 5' 10" South African actress began her career at the age of sixteen modelling in Europe. She then moved to New York City and trained at the Joffrey Ballet School to be a ballet dancer. 

In 1994 just after she turned eighteen Charlize took a one way ticket to Los Angeles with her sights set on Hollywood! She was discovered by a talent agent after he noticed her in a bank arguing with the bank teller after they refused to cash her cheque. It seemed Charlize had a natural talent for acting and after learning English from watching Soap Operas on TV it wasn't too long before she made it onto the silver screen. 

In the late nineties she starred in movies such as 2 Days in the Valley, The Devil's Advocate, Mighty Joe Young and The Cider House Rules. Some of her most memorable roles followed with her films Sweet November and The Italian Job. Charlize won her first Oscar in 2003 for her outstanding performance in Monster followed by the Academy Award nominated performance in North Country

We truly admire Ms Theron's down to earth nature and her desire to live a normal life. 

Charlize: "I live a very simple life. I don't have to make those giant movies. I don't have a yacht or a private plane. As long as I can maintain this life, which is pretty low-maintenance and simple, then all of a sudden you don't have to worry about all that stuff. I don't have to take a job to pay mortgage on a house I can't afford."

"I love being a woman and I love being feminine." 
Charlize Theron

This blonde green-eyed beauty landed herself on People Magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People and Maxim's Hot 100 list. In 2007 was named Esquire's Sexiest Woman Alive. 
Her sexiness and allure scored her an advertising deal with Christian Dior to appear as the face of their glamorous J'adore fragrance campaign. 

Not only beautiful on the outside, her beautiful kind inner spirit shines through. Charlize is an active animal-rights supporter appearing in an anti-fur campaign for PETA. 
Charlize appears alongside one of her many adopted rescue dogs, Tucker.

Charlize: "He's kind of reserved, very sweet and very aware of what's going on around him." 

Charlize has a lifelong passion for animals growing up on a farm in South Africa as a child. 

Charlize: "We had a tons of animals, mostly strays. They ended up getting taken care of at our home because they weren't wanted anywhere else. There were dogs, cats, birds, ducks, ostriches, sheep - everything you can imagine on  farm." 


Charlize stays true to her South African background with the Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project.  A charitable foundation created by her in 2007 that supports African youth in the fight against HIV/AIDS. 

Charlize: "Sometimes it feels like problems in our world are so large that they cannot be solved, but I want to tell you that each of us has part to play in making a difference. As a native South Africa I have seen firsthand the devastation HIV and AIDS have inflicted through sub-Saharan Africa. I founded the Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project to help shed light on the magnitude of the problem and support the efforts of African communities to battle a disease that continues to kill millions each year. When young people anywhere are threatened, our future is threatened. The youth of Africa are particularly at risk. If Africa is ever to free itself from the stranglehold of the HIV epidemic, it's critical the we support efforts to prevent HIV among it's youth." 

In 2009 Charlize teamed up with TOMS Shoes to create a limited edition unisex shoe made with vegan materials. The design was inspired by the African baobab tree with a portion of the profits going to Charlize's Africa Outreach Project. TOM donated ten thousand pairs to poverty-stricken children living in remote communities in Africa. 

Charlize: "I'm thrilled to have TOMS Shoes as a partner. We are so grateful for their generous donation of shoes to the students we work with."

After years of helping children in Africa, Charlize adopted a baby boy she named Jackson in March this year. 

Charlize: "I always knew that I didn't want to get married. I've always know that I'd be a mom from the time I was a little girl. My mother found a letter I wrote. It said 'Would you please take me to orphanage, so that I can go and adopt a baby?' I always knew I would adopt. Always." 

"I'm 50-50 on glamour stuff. I'd rather put on a pair 
of jeans and get on my Harley and act like a guy."
Charlize Theron

Charlize is the proud owner of a gorgeous three-bedroom cottage style home in Malibu, California. This eco-friendly 7.5 million dollar beach house features a well-stocked modern kitchen, entertaining deck with ocean views, three bathrooms and master bedroom complete with a jacuzzi. Her own private slice of paradise that combines elegance with luxury living and a modern Mediterranean vibe. 


After a three year break from acting Charlize is back on the cinema screen with two new movies out this month. The sci-fi thriller Prometheus and her wicked new role as Queen Ravenna in Snow White & The Huntsman. The film is inspired by the classic fairy tale of Snow White but with a darker more modern tone.

Charlize: "Snow White is like nothing I've been a part of. It really is epic in scale, it's gorgeous, it's disturbing. It's always walking this very fine line of fantasy and reality - heighten fantasy and harsh realities. It's an incredible feast for the eyes, it's beautifully shot. This film is really gorgeous."

"Looks alone won't get you that far. It may get you in the door, but there's always somebody younger, somebody prettier. You have to rely on something else."
Charlize Theron

Charlize is mesmerising as the Wicked Queen on screen but it's her inspiring efforts to help children in Africa, her simple living choices and new found motherhood that truly captures our heart. Her down to earth, humble approach to life is very refreshing and we have no doubt that she will continue to uplift and inspire others for many years to come. 

Charlize Theron

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This cover story is featured in Eco Glamazine June 2012.