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ECO GLAMAZINE: November 2020

Fall in love with the new cottage core Raw Beauty Kristi x Colourpop forest-toned makeup collection inspired by the beauty of Washington  her home state. We explore all the new cruelty-free cosmetics Kristi designed for her first Colourpop collab. 

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Friday, November 13, 2020


Raw Beauty Kristi x Colourpop 

Colourpop just launched their new cottage core, nature inspired makeup collab with Youtube star Kristi know as Raw Beauty Kristi. This must-have makeup collection has been years in the making for Kristi's one million devoted youtube subscribers. 

This collection of cruelty-free cosmetics inspired by the beauty of America's Pacific North West is the ultimate in eco glam! Fall in love with Kristi's fairy tale, dream come true, forest-toned makeup collection. 

Colour Mom.

3 years ago Kristi made a powerful statement in a video on her Youtube. She declared that she would one day collaborate with Colourpop to create an eyeshadow Palette. 

Kristi: "I will collaborate on an eyeshadow palette one day with Colourpop. I will. Mark my words on this. Colourpop me and you..." 

In 2017 Kristi manifested a dream on a youtube video, and her Youtube fans ran with it. She said her followers inundated her comments section with comments about a colourpop collab. 

Kristi: "I want to come out with a collection of products with you [Colourpop] that are going to WOW the world."

Kristi declared her love for the ultra cool California Makeup Company describing their products as "next level good" with "cute as shit" packaging. 

Fast forward to 2020... and the brand new Raw Beauty Kristi x Colourpop collection is here!

into the woods.

Colourpop sent a small team to Kristi's home state of Washington to photograph her for the campaign images. The talented team created the most perfect nude-coloured custom made gown with white flowers - everything that Kristi had envisioned. The picturesque photoshoot in the woods formed the stunning images that are displayed on Colourpop's website and sprinkled all over social media. 

Kristi: "The day was perfect, the team was so nice!"

Kristi: "I hope you guys love the collection as much as I do. And that it makes you feel warm and cosy." 

A beautiful note from Kristi is included inside the new fairy forest style Colourpop PR box, which is adorned with mushrooms and gorgeous greenery. 

The new Raw Beauty Kristi collection is inspired by Washington - the beloved state she calls home. 

Kristi"This whole collection was inspired by the Pacific North West [America] Washington State - mushrooms, trees, moss. I wanted it to feel that it is you coming into the state of Washington and experience it through makeup." 

At forest sight. 

Kristi chose cardboard packaging (an eco-friendly option) for her Colourpop palette (instead of plastic). 

Kristi: "I knew I wanted it to be a cardboard palette because I like that it's recyclable and that's really really important to me."

At Forest Sight shadow palette $20

The unique Washington state colour story for Kristi's palette was taken directly from nature, literally! 

Kristi explains in her Youtube video that she took photos of the Washington landscape and incorporated the exact colours into this perfectly curated eyeshadow palette. 

FEATURED PRODUCT |  At Forest Sight shadow palette 

Kristi: "When I was designing this eyeshadow palette... I took pictures of the Pacific North West, of Washington state, of mushrooms, of leaves and I took the little dropper tool and literally pulled actual colours from the landscape." 

The eyeshadow palette's shade names including Emerald City and West Coast are named after trees, mushrooms, ferns, nature and Washington.  

Emerald city.

Kristi: "I wanted to create colours that complimented the palette. Super Shock Shadows. I wanted to have a Quad of Super Shocks, because I think they are just beautiful to top ontop of the eyeshadows. The palette is majority matte but I did want shimmers in it. I wanted complimentary shimmers..." 

Her new Set of Super Shock Shadows (her favourite Colourpop formula) feature 4 stunning shades in forest green packaging along with a mushroom symbol - such a Raw Beauty Kristi vibe! 

FEATURED PRODUCT |  Super Shock Shadow Like A Moss 

Kristi's favourite Super Shock Shadow from the new Quad is called Like A Moss. She says it's so unique and so beautiful. 

Kristi: "This is a very unique shade. It is a green duochrome.... it's so stunning you have to just see it person."

glacier gloss. 

She also includes 2 new shades of Lux Gloss. Her  favourite is Glacier - an icey ivory lipgloss with silver sparkles, that dazzles in the sunlight just like glacier water. This lip colour is Kristi's 'go-to' lip gloss. You can wear it over any lip colour. This shade is named after the fresh icey glacier water in Diablo Lake, a reservoir in Washington State. 

Diablo Lake, Washington, USA 
Photo by Wallace Bentt on Unsplash 

: "You can wear it over any lip colour. This gloss is truly unbelievable. A perfect clear gloss with gorgeous sparkle in it. A beautiful topper to an lip to give it that super shine."

FEATURED PRODUCT |   Glacier Lux Gloss

To complete this dreamy collaboration - Kristi created a trio of Colourpop Créme Gel Liners in earthy tones to compliment the eyeshadows in this nature inspired collection. 

Kristi: "I wanted to create shades that were a little different to what I had seen in eyeliners before. These colours are so perfect for fall." 

PODCAST |  Listen to Colourpop's Podcast episode with Raw Beauty Kristi on Spotify 

Raw Beauty. 

Kristi is known for her always honest cruelty-free beauty reviews on Youtube. Cruelty-free beauty is something that's very important to her. Which makes this collab with one of America's most popular cruelty-free and vegan beauty brands absolutely perfect. Plus Kristi has only positive things to say about working with the Colourpop team (she cleverly nicknames Colour Mom) to develop her new collection. "Colourpop crushed it!", she said describing this year as a dream come true. She's expecting her first child any day now. 

Kristi: "Obviously as with anything that I would launch, Colourpop is cruelty free." 

VIDEO |  Watch Kristi announce her new Colourpop collection in her youtube video

NEW! Raw Beauty Kristi x Colourpop collection is available from November 12, 2020 exclusively at

Kristi: "I hope it that went you see this collection you will feel inspired. I hope it lets you feel what it's like to live in this beautiful state. I am so excited that I get to share something thats so near and dear to my heart with such an amazing brand with you all." 

COUPON CODE |  Use code RAWBEAUTYKRISTI for 10% off at

Raw Beauty Kristi 




Shop Collection:

Photos credit: Colourpop 

Monday, November 9, 2020



Australian singer songwriter Delta Goodrem celebrates her 36 birthday today. Her new single solid gold celebrates her new found sparkle after months of rehab following surgery which left her unable to speak. Delta had lost The Voice she had become known for. 

To celebrate her birthday month, Delta delights fans with the digital release of her very first promo single I Don't Care. Nineteen years ago before her first single Born to Try made the singer a household name, Delta released the 2001 song I Don't Care. The single is now available to purchase on iTunes and music streaming platforms: Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Music. 

Delta: "Nineteen years ago! My first single 'I Don't Care' and I am so excited to share that it's finally available to stream everywhere alongside many other missing tracks, B-sides, mixes." 

Listen to a Spotify Playlist of Delta's newly released B-Sides. 

Goodrem signed her record deal at the age of 15. Two years later the 17 year old joined the cast of Neighbours which made her an international star. She released her debut album Innocent Eyes at the age of 18 after her single Born To Try earning her 3 ARIA awards; single of the year, highest selling single and Breakthrough Artist. 

Delta's devoted fans (nicknamed #TeamDelta) have been through thick and thin with her and this month, Delta re-launched The Forum - a new Facebook group to unite her fans from around the world. Just like the good old days of online forums where fans discussed all the things Delta. The Delta Goodrem Official Fan Community is a revamped modern way for fans to come together. 

Delta: "We should bring our Forums back! But a 2020 revamped version. We have just created a Facebook Group called "The Forum" for everyone. Come join and let's chat just like the old days!!"

delta force.

This year Delta graced the cover of Marie Claire Australia magazine opening up about how her blood cancer diagnosis dramatically derailed her rise to fame. 

Delta: "I started my career with the same intention that I have today: to bring love and light through music. With the foundation, I feel like I can impact people's lives in an even greater way. I hope it will be my biggest legacy."


The Delta Goodrem Foundation.

In June, Delta launched the Delta Goodrem Foundation. A new Charity in partnership with St Vincent's Hospital to help advance vital research using cellular therapy to improve blood cancers like Hodgkin's Lymphoma which Delta battled at the age of 18. 

Delta: "After many years of planning, I am proud to announce the launch of the Delta Goodrem Foundation." 


In July Delta released the first single Paralyzed from her upcoming album. The song went straight to #1 on the iTunes Australia chart. The emotional song connecting deeply with fans as Delta revealed the pain of losing her voice. 


Everyone is singing their love songs
And I can't seem to find my own tune
I've been on the inside for so long
If they knew the truth
All of my plans have been silenced overnight
All that I know is paralyzed

To learn to speak again
Amongst the frustration
How do I begin?
Oh, see I will find my voice
Rebirth's the only choice
Can someone lend me a little patience?
It's just the way life goes

Delta Goodrem PARALYZED

On August 16, 2020 Delta bravely shared My Story Behind Paralyzed - an emotional youtube video diary message to her fans.  

Following complications to remove her salivary glands in October 2018, Delta woke up from surgery to find that she had lost the ability to control her speech after the paralysis of a nerve in her tongue. Scared she would never perform again. 

Delta: "...just trying to stay positive. My livelihood is my sound."

When a nerve is damaged, there is no predicting when, or if it may ever recover. Delta went into months of rehabilitation with daily speech therapy. Whilst in recover Delta wrote her 6th album. The challenging journey to recover her voice took one whole year. Delta's story is a triumphant tale of resilience. With a patience and positivity she was able to rewind and reset. 

DELTA | Carlotta Moye

Delta: "As a songwriter, I write songs from my own experiences. I tell stories about the path I have been on, wondering if anyone else has been on a similar journey. The first step in writing this new record was a personal transformation that I didn't know I needed in my life! Even though, as I am sharing today, it was a challenging one - I learned so much and I'm so grateful to be here healthy, happy and singing away." 


This year Delta announced her upcoming tour - Bridge over Troubled Dreams. Tickets are on sale now. 

Delta: "I am so excited to announce my 2021 Bridge Over Troubled Dreams Tour of Australia and New Zealand next April and May. I'm hoping that this gives us all something to look forward to when we come together to share the magic of live music again. There are going to be incredible musical moments in bringing to life the surprise elements of this new album and all of the favourites from my previous records... See you soon." 

let it rain.

Earlier this year, Delta joined forces with Apple Music to release her ballad Let it Rain, a tribute song to benefit the Australian Bushfire relief fund.  Stellar magazine showcased her love for Australia with a cover story. 

Delta: "Thank you to the amazing Apple Music for joining me in donating all proceeds from "Let it Rain" downloads to the Australian bushfire relief! So grateful for all your incredible support around the world."

Delta: "I love Australia with all my heart." 

solid gold.

Delta's new single Solid Gold is a celebration. It's now her time to shine. 

After losing her voice and facing one of the most challenging years of her life, Delta has found her sparkle again. With a solid gold year of achievements both professionally with her new music and personally with her new charity. With her remarkable resilience and bravery she is stepping back into the spotlight ...and she is glowing. Delta's heart is solid gold

DELTA | solid gold

Delta: "Your inner light. If it's a rough day and you can't find yourself in the mirror, your sparkle is there... it might just be shy. It's the times that have challenged me the most, that now looking back, has show me my shine." 


2020 has been a tough year for all of us. But there is hope and light. Delta's message is one of kindness and compassion. 

Delta: "You never know what someone is going through in life. In 2020 everyone has a story and it going through something... A reset. Ask people around you, even the strong ones if they are ok! Be kind. Be patient! Stay strong and be positive." 

Delta Goodrem

official website:
Delta Goodrem Foundation:
Story behind Paralyzed

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

COURTNEY MANGAN: she was the fire

COURTNEY MANGAN she was the fire. 

Courtney Mangan is a self confessed stationery lover, productivity pro, successful business woman and skin cancer survivor. This November we're giving you the full report - with details about Courtney's powerful podcast, how she keeps it real on the gram and her inspirational journey to conquer cancer.  

dancing in the dark. 

Courtney Mangan is conquering her battle with cancer, giving listeners an in-depth insight into her career with her new Podcast She was the Fire and just launched her first solo business - Courtney Mangan Co - a chic stationery brand for the woman on the go. She also manages the crew at a successful PR agency on the Gold Coast - and she's doing all this while under going cancer treatment. 

Last December, Courtney shared the shocking news with her devoted Instagram followers. She has been diagnosed with stage 4 skin cancer. She candidly shared her journey in the hopes to inspire and educate her audience, with emotional and intimate IGTV videos along with real and authentic Instagram Stories to bring awareness to skin cancer and promote wearing sunscreen daily. 

Courtney was first diagnosed with skin cancer at the age of 30. After the level 4 melanoma was removed from her shoulder, she continued to enjoy life until December 2019 when her cancer returned, after she discovered a strange lump on the back of her arm. This time it was stage 4 cancer. 

Courtney Mangan

: "I had my first melanoma (level 4) in 2017, it was a mole on my right shoulder blade. Then in 2019 I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and later re-diagnosed to stage 3b from 2 cancerous lumps found in my right arm. I am currently in the middle of my 12 month cancer treatment called immunotherapy. I have documented it every step of the way. The good, the bad and the ugly, my honest account of living with cancer as a 30 something year old."

Every fortnight on a Friday, Courtney receives her immunotherapy treatment at the hospital. This life saving treatment boosts the body's natural defenses to help fight cancer.  

Courtney: "Immunotherapy is a type of cancer treatment that assists the body's immune system to fight cancer. While chemotherapy works to kill cancer cells, immunotherapy aims to boost the body's own immune system to fight cancer."

Courtney during her immunotherapy treatment

Dealing with cancer is difficult enough, but doing it so openly online, sharing the highs and the lows, is inspirational and very brave. 

Courtney"As difficult as cancer is I have come to see it as a silver lining, and the universe's way of giving me a big kick in the butt." 

she was the fire. 

Courtney used that kick in the butt, cancer gave her to start her own Podcast. After running a successful podcast network The Spin Studio on the Gold Coast. Courtney stepped into the spotlight, this time with her first solo show. 

She was the fire is a self development Podcast hosted by Courtney. She designed this podcast to be a go-to guide for the 20 or 30 something woman looking for advice and hacks on how to ignite her fire, own her crown, organise her schedule ...and live her best life. 

Courtney: "Just before my 30th birthday I thought I had life sorted, as a successful business owner driven, fiercely independent with a Louis Vuitton bag in one hand and a piña colada in the other but then sitting in a doctor's office everything came crashing down. Stage 4 cancer. What the f*ck. In an instant this pragmatic and 'I'm too busy to meditate' girl knew she needed to make a change, so I dived head first into becoming my best self." 

Subscribe to Courtney's Podcast She Was the Fire 

She was the fire is a witty and brutally honest insight into Courtney's life for every aspiring girl boss! 

Courtney: "Yes I thought my world turned upside down and I thought I might break, but instead I realised I was the fire and I'm here to help you realise that too. Some women fear the fire, some women simply become it." 

New episodes of Courtney's podcast she was the fire are available every Tuesday on Apple Podcast and Spotify. 

Conquering Cancer. 

Did you know? Melanoma kills one Australian every five hours. It's a killer. 

After her diagnosis, Courtney teamed up with Game On Mole, an initiative of Melanoma Institute Australia, to help spread awareness about the important of getting regular skin checks.

Courtney: "Protect the skin you're in. Wear SPF every single day!"

Courtney Mangan | Game on Mole

In April this year, 5 months after she started her immunotherapy treatment, Courtney received the good news that she was cancer free. She shared some candid photos of the moment she found out and a special message with her loyal Instagram followers. 

Courtney: "I AM CANCER FREE and that feels fucking amazing! Thank you for all your kind messages and support, every single one has helped me get through this. Also a huge thank you to my friends, family and the Spin Crew, I couldn't have done this without you." 

This year Courtney turned 34, and big things are in store for this fierce career driven PR queen. 

Courtney: "The person I am today, would never have come forward, if it wasn't for having such a shitty year. It's through hard times, we learn who we truly are." 

Productivity Pro.

Miss Mangan is the ultimate multi-tasking queen, balancing work and life with a dedicated focus on productivity - packing as much into each day as possible. From podcasting, to planning social media content, from managing staff to making to-do lists, from time blocking to her tv addiction. 

Listen to Courtney's Day in the Life (episode #124) of her podcast She Was the Fire

Spin&Co. is a PR agency co-founded by Courtney & her brother Sam Mangan that first started as a traditional PR & marketing agency, think radio and newspaper. However the company has evolved into a very modern PR brand. These days the Spin Crew manages talent like James Charles and Emily Skye, as well as social media influencers, events and handles all things digital marketing and content creation. 

Sam and Courtney Mangan

Courtney spends her days working at the Spin&Co. office with her brother Sam Mangan and her talented crew of professionals. Her daily tasks vary each day, as she juggles her important role as Creative Director for James Cosmetics (a luxury skincare brand founded by her brother Sam) with managing the staff at Spin&Co and running the day to day operations of The Spin Studio Podcast network.  

Courtney is a very busy entrepreneur who loves to plan and most importantly be productive. She is very down to earth, sharing her self development wins and fails with her 5,000 strong Instagram followers and the loyal members of her Facebook group. She keeps it real on the gram, posting insta-worthy photos along side the unedited raw images. 

Courtney Mangan

Stationery Success. 

This month the Gold Coast Entrepreneur launches her first solo brand Courtney Mangan Co - a clever organisational stationery collection she designed for business women on the go. 

Courtney: "Stationery is my passion and organisation is my love language."  

Courtney Mangan's new stationery collection includes: 

  • Quote Calendar 
  • Daily Focus Planner - available in 4 colours 
  • Magnet Shopping List - available in 2 colours 
  • Ballpoint Pen packs - available in 3 colours 

Courtney: "My whole life I have been on the hunt for the perfect planner, the perfect shopping list and so on, but I could never find one that was just right, so I've decided to make my own."

Before her new range of planners, pens and productivity tools launched, Courtney shared all the behind the scenes of building the brand. From the product design to the website, from the product photoshoot to the pretty rose gold packaging. Keeping it real and giving her audience an unseen look into what actually goes into building a brand from scratch. Many businesses just share the wins, but Courtney wants to be authentic, honest and most importantly realistic about the fails, the set backs, the struggles and the massive learning curves that come with owning and running your own business. 

Courtney Mangan 

: "Launching a stationery collection has been a dream of mine for years but it wasn't until I received my cancer diagnosis late last year, that I realised life is short."

And her efforts have paid off, with Courtney selling out of stationery on launch day with over 100 orders in just the first few hours after her products went on sale. Every business babe needs Courtney's collection of chic desk essentials and good news they are now back in stock and available for purchase on her website!

Shop Courtney's stationery at

Courtney: "I need to start living my dream life and stop being scared of failure or what others may think."

So ladies listen up, if you've ever had an idea for a business, ignite your passion and do it now.  Stop dancing in dark and turn your dreams into reality. Don't wait for cancer or a crisis to kick your butt into gear. Grab Courtney's Daily Focus Planner (and a cute set of pretty Pens, while you're at it) and start time blocking your way to success.   

Courtney Mangan 

Podcast: She Was The Fire

Thursday, October 29, 2020

ANASTACIA: Superstar & Survivor

Anastacia Superstar & Survivor

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. This annual awareness campaign promotes the importance of breast cancer research and reminds women to make time to get a mammogram. 

Did you know, breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in Australia, with 8 people losing their lives every year. 

Survivor chick. 

American singer songwriter Anastacia Lynn Newkirk is a Breast Cancer Survivor who proactively uses her voice to encourage women to get a mammogram. 

Anastacia: "Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This is a chance to raise awareness about the importance of early detection of breast cancer. Spread the word about mammograms and encourage communities, organisations, families, and individuals to get involved NOW! Let’s beat cancer sooner! MAKE A DIFFERENCE!" 

With her unique tone Anastacia was catapulted to stardom in 2000 after her album Not That Kind made her a household name. Her signature shades, blonde bombshell hair, overly upbeat and positive persona, and that unmistakable voice made the singer a smash hit thanks to iconic single I'm Outta Love. 

In April 2013, the singer was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was the second time she was told the shattering news, after conquering breast cancer a decade prior. Despite set back, Anastacia refused to let it get the better of her. She sees it as a gift and her purpose to be a role model for young women. 

Welcome to my truth. 

Less than three years after her debut album, Anastacia took time off to have breast reduction surgery and during a routine mammogram, she first learned she had breast cancer. She was only 34 years old. After surgery and radiotherapy, Anastacia established The Anastacia Fund, to promote the importance of Breast Cancer Awareness to young women.

Anastacia "I know first hand life with cancer is difficult. All I can say is, keep a positive outlook and do not to give up. Cancer is a scary word but let’s break it down to the positive. What are the first 3 letters of this word? CAN. You CAN do it!"


The year following her second breast cancer diagnosis, Anastacia released a new album, simply titled Resurrection. The album's first song Stay was actually written on the day she received the news cancer was back. The album was crafted on her road to recovery. 

Anastacia: "Sometimes I wonder if my purpose on this earth is to be a role model. Look at my challenges as a gift, and my voice as a tool." 

Photo | Arron Dunworth


Anastacia's next chapter is Evolution. This era featured a new brand album (her seventh studio album) featuring 13 new pop rock tracks with dance elements that Anastacia is famous for. In 2018 she celebrated the new music, performing over 60 shows to her most devoted fans across Europe and Asia. 

She has one of the most recognisable voices of all time and this year Anastacia is using her voice to deliver a very important message for all women. 

Anastacia: "In these challenging times, I encourage all women to be vigilant with their breast health. Please don’t put off a mammogram because of this Pandemic." 

I'm braver
because I fought a giant and won.
I'm stronger
because I had to be.
I'm happier
because I've learned what matters.
I stand taller
because I'm a survivor.

Anastacia: "I never take for granted the ability to be vulnerable, honest, transparent, and shame free, especially during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Please take the time to make your mammograms and any additional screenings even during Covid. What we don’t want is to have cancer go undetected which becomes a bigger issue later. Ask your doctors about their Covid safety precautions and please don’t put off your exams! Early detection saves lives. It saved mine twice."

Conquering cancer, not once but twice and with a 20 year music career selling over 30 million records, Anastacia is a Superstar and a Survivor. 


Official Website:

Monday, October 12, 2020

ECO GLAMAZINE: October 2020

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. To bring awareness to this annual campaign, superstar and survivor Anastacia has a very important message for young women. 

eco glamazine 


in this issue 

ANASTACIA Superstar & Survivor

Sunday, August 9, 2020




Eco Angel Catherine Zeta-Jones launches her first makeup line!

Catherine: "Introducing my newest products for Casa Zeta-Jones, a line of makeup designed by yours truly and developed by the team behind WUNDER2." 

Catherine founded Casa Zeta-Jones, a home and lifestyle brand in 2017. Known for her elegant style and Hollywood glamour, this year the Oscar winning actress adds Beauty to expand her brand. 

Catherine: "The purpose of Casa Zeta-Jones is to build a whole universe of products that exude the same feeling: effortless elegance that surprises by being both practical and indulgent. Everyday to extraordinary." 

Casa Zeta-Jones makeup line launched in July with two products - My Mascara and Long Lasting Eyeliner. 

Catherine's Vision
"In launching a makeup line, I want to prioritise, products that keep up with the fast-paced life we all live in while still feeling luxurious." 

Catherine: "I have been searching for the best, cruelty-free products to launch a makeup line that makes you feel confident. Starting with my new mascara and eyeliners. I hope you all love them as much as I do." 

Casa Zeta Jones makeup is cruelty free and vegan and it available exclusively at


Catherine"Everyone needs a go-to mascara, and I developed mine for all the reasons I love: not only is MY MASCARA black, lengthening, and smudge-proof, it's perfectly buildable. One quick coat for everyday, and layer it up for extra glam!" 

This lengthening, buildable, black mascara ticks all the boxes; think separation, volume and length without smudging, clumping or flaking!


Highly pigmented. Creamy Application. Waterproof finish. 
The new Casa Zeta-Jones Eye Contact Eyeliners are the perfect touch for any eye look. Apply a little for subtle shimmer or build up and smoke out for evening glamour. 

Catherine's new Eyeliner is available in 2 shades - Beach Bronze & Gilda Gold. 

Catherine: "I created these liners to be used as the perfect, subtle metallic accent to any eye look. And best of all, they go on beautifully creamy and last all day!" 

Wunder2 create Leaping Bunny certified cruelty-free, high performance products to take the worry out of makeup. 

Catherine: "I love that their products are cruelty-free... it was so important to me." 

Read more about Catherine Zeta Jones in our cover story

Catherine Zeta-Jones 

Official website: